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Gremlin is a masked celebrity on the fourth US season of The Masked Singer.


The Gremlin's costume has a similar shape to the Monster from Season 1. The fur has purple, black, and white patterns everywhere except at the stomach, which is all white. The head has the same patterns as the body, complete with glittery horns, floppy ears, and purple eyes.


Week Song Selection Result
2 "Stand by Me" by Ben E. King QUIT


Week Clue
0 (Super Sneak Peek) Check the gremlin manual, and you'll see I can thrive when the temperature is a cool 66.5 degrees.
2 "Greetings. I'm Gremlin. Despite my checkered history, I can actually be quite charming. A true romantic. You may have heard I can be a bit combative, but I have a fluffy side, too. I adore all animals, long spins on the beach, and bashing worthy opponents with foreign objects for maximum impact. I also love to cook. Maybe you like what you see. I'd love to have you for dinner- I mean, have you over for dinner. But first, let's snuggle up as I serenade you."
Clue Answers
The iron in Gremlin's package is a clue to Mickey's role as Ivan Vanko in "Iron Man 2."
The "loves to cook" mention in Gremlin's package is a hint to Mickey's pen name "Eddie Cook."
The boxing shark in Gremlin's package is a clue to Mickey's former boxing career and the movie "Rumble Fish" in which he starred in.


Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess
2 Jerry Lee Lewis Mickey Rourke
(First Impression)
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin N/A

*The judges' guesses weren't final, since Gremlin began to take his mask off before they could finalize their guesses.


  • The mask was initially revealed in the season 4 costume teaser on August 26, 2020,[1] and was later officially revealed on September 11, 2020.[2][3]
  • This is the first contestant in The Masked Singer US history to quit the show.[4][5][6]
  • In an interview after being unmasked, Dr. Elvis revealed that he was initially supposed to appear as the Gremlin.
  • This makes the first mask to overheat, with the follow-up being Crab.
  • The Gremlin made a cameo in The Sing-A-Long: The Maskie Awards, as it is revealed that Cluedle-Doo has a connection to Mickey Rourke.
  • During Gremlin's unmasking, "Who Are You" by The Who was not played.
  • Gremlin was Jenny's first correct "First Impression" guess.
  • Gremlin, Bulldog, and Cluedle-Doo are the only Masked Singers who never took part in a traditional elimination ceremony. In Gremlin's case, he unmasked himself before the ceremony.