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Gitana (translated as Gypsy) is a masked celebrity on the third season of ¿Quién es la máscara?.


Gitana seems to resemble a pink fennec fox wearing a gypsy outfit, which consists of a ruffled dress of different prints, a rhinestone corset with ruffled sleeves, a necklace with blue beads and a red gem in the center, and brown heeled boots. On her head she wears a golden embroidery and two earrings in her right ear.


Week Song Selection Result
3 "Las Maravillas de la Vida" by Los Ángeles Azules BTM2
4 "Only Girl (In the World)" by Rihanna BTM2
6 "Telepatía" by Kali Uchis SAFE
7 "Como Tu Mujer" by Rocío Dúrcal SAFE
8 "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean SAFE
9 "Prefiero Ser Su Amante" by María José BTM3
"Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga SAFE
10 "Las Mil y Una Noches" by Flans/"Con Tu Amor" by Pandora (Sextet with Flans & Pandora) SAFE
"La Tortura" by Shakira ft. Alejandro Sanz RUNNER-UP

Máscara vs. Máscara Songs[]

Week VS Song Selection Result
4 Jocho "Y Llegaste Tú" by Banda el Recodo SAFE


Week Clue (Translated)
3 "Get on, get on, get on! That there are places, get on, that there are places to enter my heart. Because in my heart I have suffered, but not out of spite, it's for my family that I put a lot, a lot of these. We gypsy women are really warriors, because our goal is to reach the firmament, and I, I have a mission and I need you to help me. Oh, what a pleasure! Owooooo! I risk dreaming big, because my name is pure foam that grows, of course yes. They say that we gypsies are charming... and capricious hahaha, that's the school of the street. But if I hold your hand, relax my blondie, it's pure work. And if I speak to you in English or Gypsy... well, you've already danced, just look, owooooo! And while you guess who I am, look, stare here, 3, 2, 1... you'll fall in love with my voice! 2, 1, that the Gypsy is already here, and may all of Mexico hear me, owooooo!"
4 "That the Gypsy is already here, and if last week I hypnotized you... today you are going to freak out, owooooo! Gypsies can't be tied down and if we have to leave fame and luxuries behind, then scissors and let's go. Because I make my way remembering that I have someone strong in life, myself... and that is because I count on my herd, which is far from being perfect, but the bashes are filled with sweetness. Because there are gypsies who live through hard illnesses, but we get through, olé! Here I go, because my next destination is the stage, owooooo!"
6 "The panelists think I may be Spanish, tío. But then they think that my love, my love, is for the neighborhood. But they may be far from the truth, for real parceritos. So, mijo, I'll read your future, in exchange for you washing the bathroom for me, yes or no? I'll read your cards in exchange for you making me a nice breakfast, ome, some fried eggs, yes or what? You have to prepare me every day a coffee that smells of beautiful love, did you hear me, yes or what?"
(Big Mask): "Gypsy, go to know your luck in the confession room."
"Oh, how so, why?"
(Big Mask): "Gypsy, why are you bartering with your companions? And what did we talk about hypnotizing them?"
"See, see, see, nothing happens parce, for me the school of life is the one that counts, ome, and since I was a little gypsy I learned to manage to survive, I played, I paid for them to do my homework, ome, hahaha."
(Big Mask): "Oh Gitana, and why do you want to drive us crazy with so many accents? Or do you lead a double life?"
"Maybe I lead more than one, parce, but it's just a joke so they don't get a single one right, mijo. And get ready Big Alan, because what is about to happen is going to blow your heads off, ome, do it then, do it then, let the magic happen!"
7 (Alan Estrada): "Cuteness and sweetness combined with a bit of craziness are always present in the mask. The nominees for the "Aww, How Cute" award are: the Elephant... the Zombie... and the Sloth. And the winner is..."
"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey."
(Alan Estrada): "Hey, Gypsy what are you doing up here, you're not even nominated huh."
"The Gypsy is not only nominated, but the Gypsy has won."
(Alan Estrada): "And the winner is... the Gypsy."
"So bring that award here, daddy, do it, do it. Oh thank you for this award for the most beautiful gypsy, it's a very cool surprise because it's like I have a double life, tío, you see me as very outgoing, but in reality I'm very quiet. Oh what what? It's serious sons of... Because being quiet doesn't mean I don't have a voice, no sir, because every like is a great responsibility and here the real award is to sing a good song, so move it gypsies! Give it to them, mijos!"
8 (Alan Estrada): "Today's topic is: I have a million friends like Carlos. And the Gypsy is going to tell us about her experience."
"Look honey, we gypsies are not a golden coin to be liked by everyone, nor that I was a lettuce, but those who love me, love me."
(Alan Estrada): "Well no, it's not a problem that you have many friends, the problem would be if you hypnotize all your friends."
"Oh true, I have my tricks, right, but just like my name, it is invented and not revealed, because being the Gypsy, my love, is a great responsibility."
(Alan Estrada): "Responsibility?"
"Well, if they listen to you, don't let it be for something toxic. Oh, since we are talking about friends, let the Apache pass!"
(Apache): "Upa, upa, upa..."
"Look at him dance, we may be very different, he with his poorly spoken Spanish like from the gabacho, and me from the village, but we love each other even though we are competitors. And you, you, little Alan, look at you, always like an oak. And I don't want to look like a sergeant like some of my gypsies huh, but... where's the gang? I'm telling you, having a million friends is the secret to happiness, and if you don't believe me, then believe my hips, because they never lie, let's go gypsies! Let's give it all!"
9 "That I love being the Gypsy because we are the pilot of our lives, and although I can be a little distracted... I am always divine. Because I read the future, even though no one, no one can read me, hahaha! In this game I've had to get into another skin and keep quiet about my identity."
(Carnívora): "Oh excuse me Mrs. Gypsy haha, I didn't see you."
"Oh, Mrs. no, Miss! We're friends, tía, even though we're competition, aren't we?"
(Carnívora): "Hahaha of course we are, pretty, hahaha."
"But well surely all of you are dying to find out who I am, so I give you a riddle, the moon rises at night and the sun rises during the day, if you want to find my name, to the mask of Guadalupe you have to make amends! Olé!"
"Inside every gypsy there is party, mystery and lots of fun, but if you want to know me to the spectrum... dancing is the best!"
(Woman's Voice): "Gypsy! It's time to see your x-rays. Gitana presents a case of... butterflies in the stomach."
"And olé!"
(Woman's Voice): "Is it perhaps a love?"
"From me, and my three loves, darling, which are the gypsies that accompany me on the road, because a well pompous butterfly means love, courage and bravery! And what better way to keep it in mind than to have it marked inside me, because butterflies is what you will feel when you listen to my next song, let's go! Cheer up! Let's go gang! I want to see all of you dance!"
10 "Get on, my people, we are in the grand finale! And since my entrance through the tunnel, I have arrived with a stomp that has been heard in every corner. Even if you don't believe me, I speak the truth. Because I am very furry, but I don't mince words. To the point that I have shown you my inner self. Because with the Gypsy, masks don't work. And whether I am Mexican, gringa or Spanish. From here or here, it doesn't matter, parceros, take it easy, the most beautiful thing is in the voice. They thought I was Danna Paola, Ana Brenda Contreras, Natalia Jiménez, Daniela Magún, Danna García... but as a good gypsy I might have an ace up my sleeve, haha! Since the panelists won't save me and Carlos won't listen to me, I hope my audience will shout as loud as they can, Gypsy! Gypsy!"
(Alan Estrada): "It was not her spells but her talent that brought the Gypsy to the finale, this is a space of honesty, you have to be sincere, open your heart, did you expect to reach the finale?"
"Well, look, tío, first of all, I have always been very sincere and... I think I did expect it because I dreamed it and I dreamed it since I was a little girl, to be like this, dancing, laughing, enjoying, singing and acting."
(Alan Estrada): "Is there anyone in particular to whom you would like to dedicate this finale?"
"To the leader of my herd, now I really dedicate all my triumphs to the number one."
(Alan Estrada): "Today will be the last night that we will see the Gypsy as the Gypsy shine on that stage, on the stage of ¿Quién es la máscara?, I personally have been in backstage and I have seen you every show being saved, being saved by the audience, being saved by the panelists, celebrating in a very authentic way off camera, an authentic emotion to continue on the show, what did you feel?"
Jeez, oh I don't know, I don't know, it's amazing this adrenaline that you feel being in here, to run, to go out and hug the whole team and say I'm going to be here one more night with all of you, it's too much, it's too exciting."
(Alan Estrada): "Today is the finale, today the Gypsy will step on the stage of ¿Quién es la máscara? for the last time as the Gypsy, because today we are going to discover the soul that has given life to the Gypsy. Is there anything the Gypsy would like to say to that soul?"
"I think that she would tell her that she is on the right track, that she should not give up, that she should continue being so judicious, and that she should continue doing everything with her heart, without expecting anything in return, dedicating it to her little gypsy, dedicating it to all those people who look at her, and also that she should always feel proud of herself, right, and that she should go forward, that we women can do it."
(Alan Estrada): "Exactly Gypsy, best of luck, may you do amazing, you are already part of the family of ¿Quién es la máscara?, and you will be forever."
"Thank you very much, thank you very much to all of you, thank you very much."
Week Dish
7 Pressed Pork Rinds Lasagna
Clue Answers
The butterflies in her clue package represent the women in her family, who have them tattooed.
She made multiple references to cancer because she represents an association against breast cancer.
The minibus appears in her clue package because that was her mode of transportation when she began her career.

Final Guesses[]

Week Carlos' Guess Juanpa's Guess Mónica's Guess Yuri's Guess
10 Sofía Reyes Camila Sodi África Zavala Fernanda Castillo


  • The mask was revealed on September 22, 2021.[1]
  • At 21 years old at the time of her unmasking, Gitana is the youngest female contestant in the history of the Mexican Masked Singer series. Without considering Karol Sevilla with 20 years old in the special of Teletón 2019.
  • Gitana is the second fox on Quien es la mascara, following Zorro.