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Frog is a masked celebrity contestant on the third US season of The Masked Singer.


Frog contrasts his green skin with an indigo zoot suit with black and white accents, hot pink suspenders, a bright yellow tie with black accents, yellow gloves and black and white spats. The look is topped off with an indigo hat sporting a lime green feather. He also gained eyebrows later on in the show.


Week Song Selection Placement
3 "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer SAFE
4 "In da Club" by 50 Cent SAFE
5 "You Dropped a Bomb on Me" by The Gap Band SAFE
9 "Jump" by Kris Kross WIN
11 "Fireball" by Pitbull WIN
12 "Whatever It Takes" by Imagine Dragons SAFE
13 "Bust a Move" by Young MC SAFE
14 "Hip Hop Hooray" by Naughty by Nature SAFE
15 "Bad Boy for Life" by Black Rob, Mark Curry & P. Diddy 3RD PLACE


Week Clue
3 "Newsflash, my metamorphosis has been anything but typical. I leapt to stardom as fast as a lightning bolt. Never had a chance to evolve my image and do things my way. I was slithering with the big frogs from jump, jump. Just had to fit in and survive. But now, I can write my own masterpiece. Showing this new side gives me butterflies in my stomach. But I'm ready to drop the hammer and sing my face off."
4 "Last week, I felt like I've got a new lease on life. But it makes me wonder, why haven't I felt like this before? From the beginning, I've sacrificed so much of myself to be all that in a frog-eat-frog world, always shooting to be seen as the prince of my game. Upholding that image took its toll. I almost croaked. Last week showed me I could just be me and still be loved, warts and all. So no more golden crown for this prince. I'd rather have the golden mask any day."
5 "Being on that stage has been unusual, but I'm loving every second and I'm too ribbit to quit. Makes me think backwards to when my career jumpstarted and a woman who was so instrumental but barely seen."
(Frog's Team Member): "I've known Frog since he was a tadpole. I knew immediately he'd be a superstar. I looked out for him when he was in L.A. Uh-huh, even then, he had an entourage. I remember taking him to his first late night talkshow. It was way past his bedtime, but I let it slide. He was cool, calm, and collected, way beyond his years. But I'm most impressed with the man Frog has become. Life hasn't always been easy for him, but he's persevered and paved the way for so many people. I couldn't be more proud. So Froggie, good luck and keep cranking. You can even stay up past eleven."
9 "Man, let me tell you, I love, love, love being 'the Frog'. On that stage, the passion for performing I've lost over the years has been totally reinvigorated. Plus, this getup allows me to do things I couldn't do when I had to be all concerned about my image. I can be the same guy on stage that I am at home with my fam. I know there are some crazy talented vocalists in this competition, but I'm busting my butt to entertain you in ways they can't. And shh. I even take a power nap before each performance so these frog legs can give you every ounce of my energy. And now, ready for a shiny new clue? You're getting served a good one. So Ken, you can finally stop being wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong."
11 Kitty: "You know, in these face-offs, everyone else has been aggressive and battle-y. Well, I've got a bit of a different strategy for taking on Frog. Kill him with kindness."
Frog: "Kitty and I are the only face-off pair that's been together since day one. So we're pretty tight."
Kitty: "Frog has strengths that I don't necessarily have. Ahem. The way he commands the stage and the audience, not to mention those dance moves."
Frog: "The reason I bring so much dance and energy to the stage every week is because I know my voice isn't the strongest one here. And now that I'm going head-to-head with an incredible vocalist, I need to up my performance game to 100. When I first walked onto that stage, I thought I knew what I was in for. But going up against this kind of talent has brought out a competitiveness I didn't know I had."
Kitty: "Being on 'The Masked Singer' has allowed me to open up 'the Kitty' that's been inside me for years. But tonight, I'm showing my true colors more than I ever have. So, Frog, eat your heart out."
Frog: "Buckle up, everyone, 'cause I'm gonna need to bring fire to the stage tonight."
12 "Ah, yes. After a ribbeting performance, I survived the face-off, baby. And I gotta tell you, no one was more surprised than me. When I came into this competition, I wasn't expecting to make it past the second round. Joining a show with 'singer' in the title was a tough case to crack. But this whole experience has shown me that I can do anything if I just take the leap. So tonight, I'm pushing myself even further and taking a risk with a genre I've never tried before. No dancers, just me. I hope it pays off, my babies, because this frog's got his sights on the finale."
13 "Hey, hey, hey, kiddo. I'm calling you because throughout the show, you've been on my mind. Every move, every groove, every hippity-hop, I think of you. Before you came into my life, I struggled to find my footing. I did everything so fast, the balance of my life was off. Then you sprung along and sparked a plug in me. You gave me purpose to put my feet on the ground. Now, I've been working so hard to take all the right steps and make you proud. As I cut loose, tear up this ramp, and bring home the golden mask for us. Now, everybody cut. Everybody, cut! I said cut!"
14 "It's crazy that stripping away my public persona has shown me sides of myself I didn't even know I had. I can be smooth. I can be silly. I can sing and dance all at once. It's a whole different ballgame. I'm literally redefining who I am in the world. And that feels like a slam dunk. Now, that I'm only a hop, skip away from that ice, that drip, that golden mask, I feel electrified. I want this trophy more than I've ever wanted anything in my entire life. I want to take it on tour with me. Get up at 2:00 with the trophy. Get a massage and polish it every night. First class living, 1,000%. I've had a lot of haters in my life that kept me down. And now, this frog needs a win. So y'all better beware, because I'm coming for that mask. I got a tadpole at home who's counting on me."
15 "The first time I walked onto this stage, I just remember feeling so lost. I wasn't a singer. I wasn't a dancer. And I felt like I couldn't even compete. After years of people always having things to say about me on social media, I started to really doubt myself. But the more that I pushed myself, the more I felt like I was in exactly the right place. I've proven that, as a rapper, I've got just as much vocal chop as the singers. I mean, it's all about breath control, keeping it tight to the beat, putting everything down. While you all have been trying to figure out the mystery of 'the Frog', I've also gotten closer to who I am deep down. This experience has allowed me to get back to my first love, which is music. I've got to thank 'the Frog' for changing who I am as a performer, a person, and as a father. So now it's time to take home that trophy for my little tadpole. She's counting on me."
Week Friendship Bracelet
5 To T-Pain: All We Do is Win
Week Super Clue
9 Knight (Suit of Armor)
Week What's in the Bag?
11 Thank God It's Frogday
Ice Cube Tray
Track Shoes
Flag of Japan
Week Masked Munchies
12 Catfish
Week Borrowed Package
13 Modeled Plane (Private Jet)
Week Bonus Clue
14 Hat
Week Closer Look
14 MOM Pin
Clue Answers
The ice cube tray is a clue to the movie, "Lottery Ticket," which Bow Wow co-starred in with Ice Cube.
The lightning bolt references are hints to Bow Wow's character, who is struck by lightning in the film, "Like Mike."
The Japanese flag is a clue to Bow Wow's appearance in the film, "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift."
Other Clue Answers

Final Guesses[]

Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess
15 Bow Wow Lil' Romeo Kid Cudi Bow Wow


  • The mask was first revealed on December 18 and 19, 2019[1][2], and seen in an extended version of the first season 3 promo on December 20, 2019.[3]
  • Frog was the final remaining mask of 'Group B'.
  • Bow Wow is the third contestant to "deny" being on The Masked Singer on the show The Real. The first was Flamingo (a co-host on the show) and the second being Monster.
  • For a promotional advertisement for Dish Network, Frog was jokingly revealed to be Ken Jeong.[4]
  • The drawing of Frog's mask is the exact frog head being displayed on the big screen in his "You Dropped a Bomb on me" (floor screen), "Jump", "Fireball", and "Bust a Move" performances
  • Later in the show, Frog's yellow tie became blue before hot pink.
  • Frog and Pineapple share walk in songs, they are both Whatta Man by Salt N Pepa.
    • This is the first mask to play a walk in song that was played before, with the follow up being Skunk taking Swan’s walk in.
  • Frog sang "U can't touch this" which was Robopine's walk in song
  • Frog sang "Fireball" which was Phoenix's walk in song
  • In an episode of The Official Masked Singer Podcast, Bow Wow reveals that he was originally going to be Astronaut.
  • Frog made a cameo in House Party.





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