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Fox is a masked celebrity contestant on the first UK series of The Masked Singer.


Fox wears a futuristic inspired outfit. She wears a bodysuit made of triangular mirrors with a mirrored collar and mirrored sneakers. The mask is a fox head made entirely from mirrors. The celebrity inside the mask can only speak through an earpiece in the mask.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Call Me" by Blondie WIN
3 "On the Radio" by Donna Summer SAFE
4 "On My Own" by Samantha Barks SAFE
5 "Firework" by Katy Perry BTM3
6 "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler ELIM


Week Clue
1 Say hello to the Fox. I'm street smart, nosey and vocal just like a fox. Am I a silver fox? I couldn't possibly say, but I do feel like a bit of a rock star in this outfit and I definitely plan on rocking out in this competition. Yeah, I can be a bit of party animal. You might find me slinking around the East End from time to time. Benefit of being a fox, is you can split your time between town and country. Tonight is my chance to sparkle on that stage and I plan on doing just that.
3 I had the best time slinking around the stage for my last performance, and the best part is they have no idea who this silver fox really is. I had the most fun out there. I can't wait to do it all again. They say you don't really know someone until you've taken a walk in their shoes. And playing this game certainly means being nimble and thinking on your feet. To survive, I'm prepared to foxtrot with the rest of them, but I'm not going to let the pressure get to me. Ever since being a little fox cub, I've always followed my own path, whereeveerit may lead. I've even broken records. Tonight I'm going to be bigger and bolder than ever and blow everyone away.
4 In my last performance, I definitely topped the charts. I listen to the names being thrown out there, no you haven't got the fox just yet. Clothes have always played a big part in my life. I do love a bit of glam. There's nothing like dressing up for a night out with the girls and I'm always the last one on the dance floor. I used to model clothes too. It was broken hell that led me to my big break. Foxes are known for being crafty animals by design and I'm no exception. Tonight I'm going out there on my own and I hope it won't be my final curtain.
5 Last time, the panel thought I was giving them musical theatre vibes, but were they right in their guesses? They'll have to wait to find out. The competition is really heating up now, but I've never be one to shy away from the spotlight. Even as a cub, I just knew I wanted to perform, so I cut my teeth in this business young. Now as a mama fox, I want to work hard for my cub. Parenting can be tough, but it's also super rewarding. Tonight, I'm going out there to party like I'm back at Coachella.
6 Last time the panel mentioned a few names, but the panel threw this fox a bone and gave me a second chance to dazzle, so here I am and feeling foxier than ever. I didn't expect to get this far and now we're this close to the final, I can almost taste it. Want to know who I am? Sweetie, I'm not going to spill the tea just yet. Although I do love a good British cuppa. Time to take a swing into this week and put my all into my next song.
Two Lies and a Truth Answer
I have an award winning body
I have toured with The Rolling Stones
I was one of the first stars of reality TV
Clue Answers
Denise got her 'big break' when a producer witnessed her funny reaction to breaking a heel
The 'East End' clues were a hint to Denise playing the role of Karin Smart in EastEnders
'Foxtrot with the best of them' was a nod to when Denise came 2nd on Strictly Come Dancing in 2012
'I have an award winning body' was a clue to Denise winning Rear of the Year in 1999
'Spill the tea' was a clue to Denise's role as a presenter on The Big Breakfast

Final Guesses[]

Episode Ken's Guess Davina's Guess Rita's Guess Jonathan's Guess
7 Elaine Paige Denise van Outen Martine McCutcheon Tamzin Outhwaite