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Duck is a masked celebrity contestant on the first UK series of The Masked Singer.


The Duck looks similar to a huge rubber duck. It has huge yellow wings that the celebrity can move with their hands and a big yellow torso. Its feet are orange and ribbed on the legs. The mask itself looks similar to a typical cartoon duck with an orange open mouth and two big blue eyes with little eyelashes coming off the corners.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Like a Virgin" by Madonna BTM3
2 "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi BTM2
4 "Blinded by Your Grace, Pt. 2" by Stormzy SAFE
5 "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion ELIM

Face-off Songs[]

Week VS Song
2 Chameleon "Ave Maria" by Franz Schubert


Week Clue
1 "Does my beak look big in this? Quack quack, I'm the duck. I'm yellow and little and a real softie, although maybe you wouldn't think it. As a duckling, I was always very shy and very quiet and try to stay out of trouble. But now, I'm fully grown and I love a challenge. I've always been sporty and like to push myself. You might even catch me surfing from time to time. I like to do things other ducks have never done before, so coming on The Masked Singer is a huge challenge for me. But I'm never hot on myself if I fail. I think failure is a badge of water. After all, it's better to have try and fail then to never try at all."
2 "Quack quack! I had some fun out their on my last performance. Have they guess who I am yet? Oh no, I don't think the panel are very close at all. And that makes me very happy! So as they say in German, "Alle is gut". I love to speak other languages. It's always been a skin in mind. I've entered this competition for a piece of the action. I am looking up to serve up a slice of victory. I've been going out there to a big crowd this evening. But, 850,000 people once sang happy birthday to me. And I have the pleasure to sing happy birthday to a true legend myself. Let's hope I'll be celebrating again after tonight's performance."
4 "Quack quack! In my last performance, I rocked out! But, I found myself in the bottom two. But this duck is a fighter and I'm loving being here too much to have to take my mask off just yet. I like to think that what I do is a label of love and I like to be liberal with my tokes. Throughout my life, I've used my voice to help others. It's nice to be able to take people and your in all stand up for something you believe in. The way I see it, everything's political. Music and the arts have always been a lifeline for me. As a duckling, I saw Judi Dench before and it was her that got me into Shakespeare. It's nice to be inspired by strong women. Tonight, I'm going to show a different side of me and another one of my outfits."
5 "My last performance was full of grace and I'm really getting into my stride now. The panel still don't know who I am. When I was little, I always felt like the ugly duckling. My siblings were beautiful, but I always felt like the little girl whose feathers wouldn't grow properly. But, I've learned to embrace that duck who I am. And I'm even being known to inspire some of the biggest names in fashion. One particularly designer called me amused. Some of my outfits have been known to put a few beaks haven't joint. And as you've noticed for this competition so far, I'm a duck who's serving looks, looks, looks, baby."
Two Lies and a Truth Answer
I used to do gigs with David Bowie.
I was part of a famous girl band.
I have two adult children.
Clue Answers
"I've always been sporty" was a clue to Skin being a keen runner and part of the cross-country team at school
The postcard in the clue package was a nod to Skin performing with Pavarotti in front of the Dalai Lama
850,000 people sang 'Happy Birthday' to Skin at a rock concert in Poland

Final Guesses[]

Episode Sharon's Guess Kelly's Guess Davina's Guess Rita's Guess Jonathan's Guess
6 Poppy Delevingne Sinitta Heidi Klum Winnie Harlow Jodie Kidd