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Disco Ball is a masked celebrity on the second season of ¿Quién es la máscara?.

It was later revealed that the celebrity underneath the mask was María León.


Disco Ball wears a black patent leather suit and shoes with silver gloves and tie. The mask is a disco ball with round black glasses and a black beret on the head.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Tusa" by Karol G WIN
5 "Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd WIN
6 "Yo Viviré (I Will Survive)" by Celia Cruz WIN
7 "Rain on Me" by Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande WIN
8 "Pégate" by Ricky Martin WIN
9 "Bang Bang" by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj SAFE
"ADMV" by Maluma BTM3
10 "Lady Marmalade" by Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Mýa & Lil' Kim SAFE
"OUCH" by Mau y Ricky (Trio with Mau y Ricky) WINNER


Week Clue (Translated)
1 "Since my early years I was of boots, of all kinds, marking each step a note, high notes, low notes, silences, but always creating. Discipline and passion, those are my great loves. And my path between castles and caves has made me very versatile. Although I must confess that in spite of being so adaptable and happy, I also get a few tears. But wait, not everything has to be so serious, because there is nothing sexier than a good laugh. No, no, it's not that I want to make you an albur, but let's say that between water and fire, I burn. I'm here to have fun, so let's start the Disco Ball party!"
5 "In my first performance I was able to take reggaeton to the 70s. Because when you bring the music inside, it is inevitable to make the audience and the panelists dance. I don't just like to go around the dance floor, but around the world, although I confess that there are very special places for me, so join me in flying with the imagination, I mean, to see if you can guess who I am. This story started with a little little box like this one. Yummy, what a nice milk! Do you want more? Eww, that's so good! So many stories made me grow up, and I lived the tastes and tasteless ones of the show. I know that sometimes I can seem delicate, but the mere truth is that sometimes I'm a real beast. I'm made of solid glass, what are you expecting! Nothing breaks me, on the contrary, it gives me gasoline to grow. So I'll see you at the dance floor! Disco Ball is here to stay sponge cakes!"
6 "You saw that my thing, my thing, is to move, right? Of genre, of song, of language, but above all, of hip, pure hip movement, come on, come on. And how cool the panelists are, their majesties, thank you for saving me, you are loved quite a lot, quite a lot, mwah! Just as I told you from the first day, I am a boots girl, and I love to ride, but not only on a horse, no sir, but ride... a great scene, what did you think I was going to say? Because look, the goldfinches may fly, but I keep going round and round in gratitude and love, stepping hard, of course, on any disbelief. Buy it, buy it! Your snow cone! Buy it, buy it. As you can see, this disco ball has rolled through all kinds of dances, from selling snow cones in the neighborhood, to scraping, no, no, no, my body and heart. So sponge cakes never let them tell you that something is impossible, because you know what? That's what dreams are for! And you know what other dream I'm going to conquer? Well, this stage, so come with me to dance, and to enjoy, that today we are going to win."
7 "What's up? What's up? Sponge cakes! Are you ready for a special night? My mom used to tell me that in this life there are those who are born with a star and those who are born starry... and I was born starry, I know, I know man. That's how this game is, I cry, I suffer, I fall in love, I kick, in short, I'm into acting. Because you already know me, I can be the agent, but if it's my turn to get serious, I take out some beastly beastly dramas, as if they were from the third world war. Aaaayyyyeeee! How do you see it? Magic does exist, plebs. I say that today luck catches me dancing. Let's go! That I am very inspired."
8 "Now yes, the party is getting good, right? Because if the bell rings, it's because it brings good memories. When I'm there on stage I don't have a gender. Yes, yes, my doctor, just as you see me as brave, the mere truth is that I have plenty of fears. But when I get scared I feel those little pieces cracking inside and I get short of breath."
(Psychiatric Diagnosis): "Disco Ball. Addiction: To life. Condition: Acute. Treatment: Two little drops of courage, one of güasave, guitar strings, a sip of aguardiente and a good dose of freedom."
"Who sends me to enjoy life so much, right? One does not want to leave here just like that, no sir, so you have to do things from the heart, hoping to overcome all fears. A combing and let's go!"
9 (Storyteller): "The super masks are prepared to entertain the public. Meanwhile in a bar..."
"Wait, wait, because it's not just a matter of taking a little dance step just for the sake of it, you have to feel it! And take out what you bring, like when I, as a kid, had to say goodbye to my other mom, that's when I broke into a thousand mirrors, and I understood that reflecting my light was my power, the power to turn everything around! And although it's not always easy, just let me give you some special spins and I can turn a broken heart into a really cool song. To drink with all of you! I can turn everything into mezcal and a sad night into a fucking monumental party. Shooting the floor just to make you fall in love."
(Storyteller): "Disco Ball is one step away from the grand finale, will she make it?"
"Let's see, let's see, sponge cake, if I tell you that I always lie, am I telling the truth?"
(Lie Detector): *fails*
(Interviewer): "Let's be serious, Disco Ball."
"All right, all right, I take away your doubt."
(Interviewer): "As a child, your mom told you that you were born starry, but you would find your star, why?"
"Look, when I was little I was more than well fed, true, I was very overweight and had a problem in my legs, because I had to use special boots, they were cool, but thanks to that I started dancing, and now there is no one to take me off the dance floor."
(Lie Detector): *turns green*
(Interviewer): "We'd better all go see Disco Ball."
10 "What nerves! What excitement! We're already in the grand finale. It's really been a beautiful, quit pretty, journey through this dance floor. I've had such a great time that let's see how they do to get me out of here. And you think that this big head could be Lolita Cortés, María León, that if Melissa, Biby Gaytán, or Bianca Marroquín, and even Fabiola Guajardo, how do you see it! But that's me, I'm dying in the line for my panelists and my audience so cool of beautiful, that has saved my skin, how not! Let's go! And I have a special show for you, well prepared, because you are loved a lot."
(Natalia Téllez): "Well, there has come a moment that really fills me with emotion, I feel like the mother of the quinceañera, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you in society that is not the same as in dirt, Disco Ball with us, my beautiful godmother of my soul, it is evident, right? That I come doing tribute."
"Of course! You're like a queen, how awesome! You really are."
(Natalia Téllez): "I really wonder what is in your head, what is the difficulty that makes what you do on stage look so simple."
"Jeez! Well, look, the mere truth, I see almost nothing, but everything else I imagine it, which makes the Disco Ball has an infinite imagination for the world, right?"
(Natalia Téllez): "What would you suddenly say to them, if we could see the public that supported you the most, what would you say to them if they were here in the forum?"
"Well, I have a lot of gratitude, a lot of gratitude and a lot of love for them, because from the first day, there in my Instagram, which is @DiscoBall, you have a great time with me, jeez, how many nice comments, how many inspiring things, you all don't know what you mean to me, you are a driving force in my life, and from here on it will be like that. I give you all each one of the performances, I give you this last one, and no matter what happens, it doesn't matter, because there my heart stays on the dance floor, to give you a little bit of happiness, and if it happened, then it was all worth it."
(Natalia Téllez): "Jeez, I was about to cry Disco Ball, it's very beautiful what you just said."
"Don't cry, don't cry."
(Natalia Téllez): "It is truly a mirroring honor to be able to talk to you, so just say goodbye to the people who are watching us, and who love and support you."
"It's already making me very nostalgic, wanting to cry, because every time I think that at some point I'm going to have to take it off, it feels like I have to tear my skin off, right?"
(Natalia Téllez): "Thank you my Disco Ball! What a beauty, thank you very very much, really"
Week Ofrenda
4 Disco Ball's Grandfather Portrait
"Thanks to you I'm going this way, today I know that there is nothing that stops me from going forward, always walking with some special step, how lucky I was to have you as Grandpa Disco, how lucky."
Week Gift
10 Tutu Dress
Clue Answers
Her taste for mezcal is well known thanks to her social networks.
She referred to being a prisoner because of the character she played in the musical "Chicago".
Her fun and alburing personality is something her fans know her for.

Final Guesses[]

Week Carlos' Guess Consuelo's Guess Juanpa's Guess Yuri's Guess
10 Melissa Robles Bianca Marroquín María León María León