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Cyberninjan (translated as Cyberninja) is a masked celebrity contestant on the second season of Masked Singer Sverige, the Swedish version of The Masked Singer.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Good 4 U" by Olivia Rodrigo WIN
3 "Lay All Your Love On Me" by ABBA SAFE
5 "Levitating" by Dua Lipa WIN
"Call Your Girlfriend" by Robyn SAFE
7 "Fighter" by Christina Aguilera ELIM

Sing-Off Performances[]

Week VS Song Selection
7 Sagoträdet "Living in America" by James Brown


Week Clue
1 "You might want to know who I am, but I'm not close to that many people. I'm unexpectedly private, even if I grew up in the public. I'm a fighter who wants to perform, but I don't always know my limitation. Sometimes I feel like I'm a character in a Disney movie. I'm not denying this is a tough business for me, like for everyone else, but I've shown before that I don't back out of big challenges. Is this my hidden talent? I should know, I've shown it, even on prime time. To show shame is a passed chapter for me. I stand for the things I've done, even when I took on more than one can manage. I like crossing lines, I'm either, or why not both? I'm both young and old, both yin and yang, bird and fish. Maybe you will discover who I really am. It's time for my first mission. I got my own and others channels where I show my world."
3 "This ninja got a flying start and loved offering a show. I learnt early how to play all the instruments in a band. It's a shame there was no band available for me to join where I grew up. Of course, I wanted to be an entertainer, but also an artist and a whole lot more. During my teenage years I was making graffiti and you could see my texts everywhere. I wanted to be heard and seen, and already as an 11-year-old I sang in TV for the first time with Vikingarna (Swedish dansband). I dreamt about the biggest music program and that dream actually came true multiple times. My big break was a video where some of the world's greatest artists were involved. I hope you lay all your love on me, so my secret mission can continue."
5 "I feel more and more at home on scene. I hope I can keep tricking the panel. Sometimes I wish I was born under a different zodiac sign. Am I brave, happy and decisive? Yes. But I'm also impatient and impulsive with a short fuse. I'm not a team player, I do best when I'm solo. Maybe that's why athletics became my thing, inspired by an OS star. I set the bar high and I became the biggest in the Nordics already as a teenager. But the hunt of a record never ended, might not be so strange that I started a lot of competitions. I tried a magical drink that gave me a new career. Suddenly I was seen in new contexts, I was almost like an epidemic but a modern variant. I've tried tons of things on camera, delivered comments, competed against others in new sports. I've even acted a french pastry. But I never got to know Felix when I had the chance. I hope I can keep tricking the panel."


  • When Cyberninjan said they had acted a french pastry, the panel jokingly guessed that they were a croissant.