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Crab is a masked celebrity contestant on the fifth US season of The Masked Singer.


Crab appears as a shiny yet holographic crustacean, with a pink moustache and arms that match the rest of his body coming out of his back.


Week Song Selection Result
4 "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers SAFE
5 "Give It To Me Baby" by Rick James SAFE
7 "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins ELIM


Week Clue
4 "All my life, I dreamed of being a star. And I was blessed that my dream came true in a flash. Everyone around the globe wanted to be like me. I felt like a king crab. But every blessing, tragedy seems to follow. It's been a struggle dealing with the darkness that has followed me and my family. We've endured so many twists and turns and traumas. But through the pain, it's the love of my family that gives me the strength to stand back up and be a star again. My song tonight is a tribute to that love and the family members that have gone before me. Because after all the darkness, It's time to finally let the light back in.
5 "Being on stage for the first time was tough both physically, because it was hard to breathe, and emotionally. There's a purity to performing on this show that reminds me of being a child. Oh, I got all sorts of trouble. My mom tried to keep me on the straight and narrow path."
Crab's mom: "Get your butt in the house!"
"She made me sit in the kitchen while she prepared food every night. Oh, mom. At first, I hated it. Then I realized she wasn't just trying to teach me the how to cook, she would teaching me the value of family and hark work. What started out as a punishment turned into a passion, and now my kitchen is the heart and soul of my family. Now tonight I can't wait to let loose with a song I know they're going to love."
7 "During my last performance, I had to run off stage because I was so claustrophobic. I couldn't breathe. Having that panic attack brought me back to being a kid, where the same thing happened at my first talent show. Man, you don't understand. I was terrified. Eventually, I found the courage to just go for it. But after busting a few notes, the audience began screaming. And I had no idea why. The boos filled my head, and I couldn't breathe. So I stopped singing and jumped off stage in terror until I realized that sound was actually applause. They were cheering for me. So I returned to the stage and won. Soon, I was doing talent shows every chance I got. And thank God, because that's how I got discovered. Tonight, I'm hoping to say panic-free so I gotta dig down deep, stay calm, and remember to breathe."
Week Extra Clues
4 Miss Jackson
5 Bowler Hat
7 Marshmallows
Clue Answers
When crab said he "felt like a king crab"- he was saying that he was the KING of R&B!
Crab said the hat was gifted to him by “greatest entertainer” Sammy Davis Jr. and that the crustacean wore it often. Brown frequently appears on stage and on the red carpet in a black bowler hat.
The numbers on the calculator could represent the five albums Brown has released as a solo artist.
Big Ben and Brooklyn Bridge are a hint to Bobby Brown's initials, BB.

Final Guesses[]

Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess Rita's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess
7 Ray Parker Jr. Bobby Brown
(First Impression)
Martin Lawrence Bobby Brown
(First Impression)
Keith Sweat


  • Crab is the second Wildcard contestant to compete on the show.
  • The Crab has the colors and the appearance to the Atlantic Blue Crab.
  • The Crab said he felt "out of breath" after his Week 5 performance. He left the stage temporarily before returning to reveal his special item and hear the panel's guesses.
    • The same thing happened with Kukla Nevalyashka after his performance of "Bad Romance".
    • This makes the second mask to overheat, with the first being Gremlin.
    • Crab overheated, but didn't take it off and reveal it to everyone.
  • Crab was Ken's second correct "First Impression" guess.
  • Crab's walk-in song "Jump in the Line" was performed by Space Bunny.