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Coxinha is a masked celebrity contestant on the second brazilian season of The Masked Singer Brasil.


Coxinha is a brazilian snack usually served at birthday parties, much like Brigadeiro from last season.

She has blue eyes, black glasses and is wearing a ballerina outfit, with a pink tutu, pink ballet shoes, pink gloves and a silver crown. In one of her hands, she has a pink microphone with a pink ruffled tutu at the top.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper BTM4
3 "Garota Nacional" by Skank WIN
5 "Ragatanga" by Rouge ELIM


Week Clue
1 "You have to have a lot of discipline and dedication. And a little bit of passion, too. The path here has not been easy, but I am a warrior, with each step I discover a new version of myself. I've taken a lot of falls too, but there's always a new day to hit this plié. It's time to shine in the final exam!"
"In addition to ballet, I did jazz and tap dance."
Favorite food: Sururu and Acarajé
5 "I've enjoyed Carnival a lot in this life. My favorite? They'll say I'm sucking up to the presenter, but behind the electric trio, only those who have died don't go, even because this Coxinha was seasoned in the land of joy. And this Coxinha has already been very successful, rocking the choreography on Avenida Sete. I'm Ivete's groupie, but now I've retired the boots, or rather, the sneakers, but I stay from my balcony watching the band go by".
Craze: Biting nails
Walking Gossip
I went viral by accident, but I don't care if people laugh at me.
Carnival's Marchinha
But Carnival arrived and she didn't parade. ("Retalhos de Cetim" by Benito de Paula)
Clue Answers
"Life is a little ballet school" is a reference to her job at Escolinha do Professor Raimundo.
"Seasoned in the land of joy" means that she grew up in Salvador, Bahia.

Final Guesses[]

Week Teresa's Guess Tatá's Guess Rodrigo's Guess Taís' Guess Eduardo's Guess Priscilla's Guess
5 Heloísa Périssé

Guest Judges Guesses[]

Week Nicolas's Guess
3 Ana Botafogo

First Impressions[]

Sorocaba's First Impression Tatá's First Impression Rodrigo's First Impression Taís' First Impression Eduardo's First Impression
Rebeca Andrade Gracyanne Barbosa Deborah Secco Viih Tube Heloísa Périssé


  • The mask was showcased along with Abacaxi, Borboleta and Ursa on January 5, 2022.
  • The mask was created after the costume designers saw an abundance of comments asking for a Coxinha mask, since they had a Brigadeiro on Season 1.
  • Coxinha is the third Brazillian food mask, following Dogão and Brigadeiro.
  • Coxinha sang "Ragatanga" by Rouge. Caranguejo would be later unmasked as Aline Wirley, a former member of the group.
  • Coxinha is the second contestant to ever sing a song by a contestant on the show (Ragatanga by Rouge, the group that Aline Wirley, who was Caranguejo, made part.)
  • Borboleta, Coxinha and Ursa are the second season masks that got, at least, a first impression guess correct.