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Corppi (translated to Raven) is a masked contestant on the third season of Masked Singer Suomi, the Finnish version of The Masked Singer.


Corppi's appearance is based on Steampunk as the suit contains plague-mask with glasses and a black hat with fake birds sitting on it. Corppi wears a black jacket that has black feathers. He also wears black gloves and grey feathered suit. He carries a cane.


Week Song Selection Result
2 "Music Of The Night" by Andrew Lloyd Webber SAFE
5 "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin SAFE
7 "New York, New York" By Frank Sinatra SAFE
9 "Thriller" by Michael Jackson SAFE
11 "Come Together" by Paul McCartney SAFE
12 "Karma" by Alma SAFE
13 "Jos Mä Oon Oikee" by Sanni 3RD PLACE
Group Song "I love You" By Teflon brothers and Pandora feat Bilepanda and Supersankari N/A


Week Clue
2 "Korppi, with capital C, the messenger from the underworld, whittled from the autumn tree, the bad sign in your tree. Just like other Ravens, I too have a message to you. But the outside of my raven is the total opposite of inner me, so the message is comforting: "Everything's gonna be usually fine". I want to expand my day all the way to the night. I want to feel its presence and take a gander behind its murky gauze. With the delicate hand movement I signal to be left alone. At the darkest hours of the night I might take a glass of beverage and go to my corner. in the silence I open the window to the wild world of my imagination. The thoughts carries me far away from the everyday life to the place where beauty and sometimes... the horrors i have imagined under my bed, wraps me inside them. My friends, do not banish Crow away. The best thing I can do is to give hope for everyone else!"
5 "Corppi has got to experience a lot during his life and there has been gathered so many flying miles under the wings. Still, sometimes I go to the dark waters to look at my reflection from its vibrating surface. The water in fact is very dear element for Corppi: I do am talented breast swimmer. In another wishful dreams Corppi saw himself on a stage. The love towards the illusion of the thater probably isn't any wonder, because Corppi spent their childhood on the scenes. Despite of thoughts with high altitude, Corppi is not afraid of getting themself dirty and has been even working for a city. One thing Corppi is afraid of admitting for themselves is how much their present career means for them. Tonight however is once again the moment, when Crow spreads their black wings and sings."
7 "It's easy to admire the Swans and their beautiful curves. At the side of the Idyll will also still sit Corppi. The beauty, aka art, is born from the opposites. Danger thrills Corppi. I in fact have sometimes put myself purposely in jeopardy, and ignited to life after breathing in my own fear! Once Corppi hopped behind the power flooding wheel and drove full speed ahead to an exploding van! And leapt over it! Because the circus of life throws troubles we haven't got ourselves into in front of us. Those times Corppi questions himself, but I have also given myself opportunity to investigate my life more merciful. My message therefore is good meaning."
9 "Even though the loneliness is the cape Corppi loves to cuddle in, They also have the flocking side. Those times I draw from my collective imagination with other people. We gather round for a fantasy card game and give an opportunity for a chance. These times we are set free and be someone else. Maybe this nerd business explains why I wasn't good in sports and my soccer career lasted only a week. However I have been awarded in other zones of the life more than once. Welcome to the world of Corppi."
11 "Corppi is on the move at night, even though the powers I fear are there too. Even a thought of woodcock, capercaillie, or even a moose, with the eyes following me from the woods, makes my palms sweaty and a piece to grow to my throat. I ain't afraid of chickens however. The weirdest thing I have almost tasted is the chicken liver sashimi! As a polite Corppi I let my friend enjoy this without putting my beak to their business. Corppi enjoys the time in kitchen with the apron and my specialty is Greek food, Risotto. Let's see who is pecking and whose eye"
12 "They say that Corppi's voice is in conflict with Corppi's face. As a cawing person, Corppi has learnt themselves. Sometimes at the darkest hours of the night, when I am walking on the halls of my home, I feel the grab of the nails in my chest. I can feel the sick uncertainty about my skills is pecking me from the inside. Painfully acknowledging that in my career i am continously the target of critics. At moments like this, I crawl to my colossal pillar bed, keeping Papi, my most beloved sleeping toy, sticked into me. I let its fuzzy touch and relaxing scent make me feel comfy. But in front of people I shall stand to my wings again."
13 "The most curious ones might have already thought why Corppi is written with a capital C? Is it a form I have found from my name, from the dusty papers and books? The answer is no, it is found under my feathers, deep inside who i really am. Despite of the surprising softness, your Corppi is a huge metal fan! The heavy and dark tones, sometimes offensive and seldomly even aggressive expression, fascinates Corppi with its stories. Hear the wistful call of Corppi one last time. It's for you..."
Pizza Clue
Greatest Hits Clue
"The most Snoozed Classics"
Package Clue
Pink Dolphin
Locker Clue
J-Lo VIP pass
Pampering Name
Clue Answer
Several hints for Kasmir's famous song "Vadelmavene" were presented, like dolphins and raspberry.
Kasmir has been doing cooking, including Risotto.
Corppi is a reference to Kasmir's name that uses K rather than C, like Corppi uses C instead of K.
"Being target of critics" might refer to Kasmir being a victim of a secret filming of sexual activity by Axl Smith.
Kasmir has won two Emma-prizes from "Song of the year" and "newcomer of the year".
"The opposites" is a reference to how Kasmir has changed since "Vadelmavene".
Locker Clue is a reference to Kasmir being the Warm-up artist in Jennifer Lopez's Hartwall Arena performance.