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Ciervo (translated as Deer) is a masked celebrity on the first season of ¿Quién es la máscara?.

It was later revealed that the celebrity underneath the mask was Johnny Lozada.


Ciervo wears a grey checked suit with red stains, a white shirt and a black tie. On his head he wears a grey mask with red and white pearls. In total, the character has four thousand swarovski.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Fuerte No Soy" by Intocable ELIM


Week Clue (Translated)
1 "Welcome to the Deer Show, I have been perfecting my act for years, so enjoy it because I juggle all kinds of things. And if I say I do circus, maromas and theater, it's because I do a lot of things. It all started since very deer, but sometimes I prefer to keep the memories and understand that I am a normal deer. That's right, it's nice to remember when my brothers and I reached the highest peak of the mountain. But I prefer to keep my feet on the ground and find once again the deer in me."
Clue Answers
The three flags in Ciervo's package represent the countries where he developed his career.
The phrase "Circus, maroma and theater", is because he has done everything in the artistic environment.
The reference to his "brothers" is for the band "Menudo".
He kept "fame" in boxes in his package because he prefers to live a normal life.
Other Clue Answers
When he said he had been perfecting his act for years, he was referring to the fact that in 2001, he participated in the telenovela "Amigas y Rivales", and the following year, he acted in "Cómplices al rescate".

Final Guesses[]

Week Adrián's Guess Carlos' Guess Consuelo's Guess Yuri's Guess
1 Gabriel Soto Charlie Massó Eleazar Gómez Lorenzo Antonio