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Chameleon is a masked celebrity contestant on the fifth US season of The Masked Singer.


Chameleon wears a red, blue, and green suit studded with silver stars. A curly green tail is attached to the back. The mask itself is a chameleon's head with reddish frill accents, yellow stars around blue eyes that can roll, and a tongue sticking out of the mouth. In Week 8, some of the costume elements glowed in the dark.


Week Song Selection Result
2 "Ride Wit Me" by Nelly SAFE
4 "21 Questions" by 50 Cent feat. Nate Dogg SAFE
5 "Hip Hop" by Dead Prez SAFE
7 "Regulate" by Warren G feat. Nate Dogg SAFE
8 "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See" by Busta Rhymes SAFE
9 "Drop It Like It's Hot" by Snoop Dogg SAFE
10 "Oh Boy" by Cam’Ron and Juelz Santana SAFE
11 "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio ft. L.V. 3RD PLACE


Week Clue
2 "Ready for a wild ride? Cause I'm one in Cha-million. Unlike most of my fellow chams, I don't just blend in. I put the 'tech' in technicolor. It was all because of my pops who always taught me to always keep up with the times. He encouraged me to tinker with every gizmo and gadget around even with some wild creations. years later, when my career almost tanked and I felt totally lost, wow, wow, I leaned back on what he taught me. I used those tech-savvy from my childhood to amplify my career and change the game. And now I'm here to change this game. Trust me. I won't be blending in. Let's jam."
4 "I knew if I were going to hold my own against these powerhouse singers, I couldn't just blend in. I had to stand out and let my flow shine. My whole life has been about embracing what makes me unique. And I made it my quest to help others shine too. When I was young, someone inseparable from me was constantly attacked for who she was. It was hard to witness, but it helped lift her up until she ultimately learned to embrace what made her unique. But then tragedy struck and she was taken from me. It was the most difficult thing I think I ever faced. Now, I honor her memory by fighting for those who don't feel accepted. Because I want everyone to feel proud showing their true colors."
5 "It felt so good impressing the panel with my smooth flow last time. But there's one person I want to impress more than anyone, my little chameleon. When I was a kid, I fell in love with some other cool reptiles, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And now, I've dedicated myself to being a superhero ninja for the little one. I decided to party less and practice martial arts. Eventually, I reprogrammed my mind, body, and soul. Martial arts taught me how to process my emotions. And now, I teach little cham that it's cool to express feelings. I'm here to surprise my little lizard as the superhero Chameleon. And one day, I know he'll be a superhero too."
7 "You know, ever since I was a little Chameleon, I've walked to the beat of my own drum, but I idolized a certain legend that I thought was the flyest, and would have jumped through hoops to get to meet. I considered him the greatest of all time in his arena — the G.O.A.T.! When I got older, I got to meet him through a contest I won at a local radio station. It felt like I won the local championship! Eventually, I even worked alongside him — the two of us, as a team! And now, I'm lucky to consider him a true friend, my ride-or-die. In honor of him, tonight, I'm going to keep it old school, and hope to inspire little chameleons the way he inspired me."
8 "Aw yeah, okay, that feels nice."
Producer: "So this week we're revealing secrets to success. What's yours?"
“The secret to getting it right is to do something that speaks to you. As a military kid, I always had to adapt moving city to city. I was good at making friends, but saying goodbye year after year, it really sucked. But it made me understand the importance of unity. And now I have a solid base that always has my back. And tonight, I'm busting on a jam from one of those friends. Another lizard, The Dragon. And I hope you party with me.”
9 "I normally watch this show from the couch with my family. I kick back and laugh my friends getting unmasked. So I started to journey for fun, so my family would get a kick out of it. I mean, I'm not a singer. And I knew I be going up against some super talented vocalists. But ever since the song Hip Hop, I felt like I really broke out. Even with a theater background, I never put on a show where I had to shake my tail. I'm used to just performing. You know, with my normal gear on, and that's pretty nerve-wrecking. And so they have your heart rate up and be sweating to still have that hat on, that's crazy. To get that love as a character is wild. Now I'm in the Top 5, and I hope my family would be proud of me as I keep up the fight to the semifinals. But no one knows keeping about the fight than my personal hero Jackie Chan. And he'll always bring a rumble to the stage, just like me."
10 "It feels good being Chameleon because I love this character as much as I love myself. What special about me is my confidence, and my ability to adapt and adjust. Moving round as a kid was very challenging 'cause you know, you've been a new kid. So you gotta really sink in it and learn how to, you know, move and groove. But I was always good at it. That's how I trailblaze my own path to create a brant, a reach millions. I'm good for everybody, I'm trying to take there whole mask off. And hey, where else can a colorful cam cover camera?"
11 "People think I'm too cool for The Masked Singer. I originally signed up for this for my kid because it's one of our favorite shows we watch together. But it's turning out to be one of the coolest experiences of my life. You wanted a game-changing season? So who better to bring in than me dressing up as a psychedelic chameleon and take you all on a wild tour hip hop. Singing Dead Prez, Warren G, Cam'Ron, and of course Snoop Dogg. It's fun representing hip hop on the show. It's that it educates the kids and not just "Oh my mom, can you try to tell me about how good this song was?" It's like "Nah, that song is actually fire." Now, I want to make history of the first contestant who raps only to take home the Golden Mask. It'll mean a lot for me to win this. For all my fans, my son, my sister's memory, and of course, from me. Your ever-changing, always himself, Chameleon."
Week Extra Clues
2 "Chameleon has a history with precious gemstones"
(Cluedle-Doo Clue)
4 Salma Hayek
5 Chicken Wings with Baby Carrots and Ranch Dressing
7 Fried Bird & Cricket Cake
Golden Globe Awards
8 Shoe
10 Snake -Darius Rucker
Clue Answers
The taxi cab in Chameleon's package is a clue to Wiz Khalifa's first #1 single, "Black & Yellow".
The peaches in Chameleon's package are a nod to Wiz Khalifa's mom, Peachie.
Wiz Khalifa called himself "Cam" in his packages - a clue to his real name, Cameron, or "Cam" for short.
The "Beware of Pit" sign in Chameleon's package is a clue to Wiz Khalifa's hometown, Pittsburgh.

Final Guesses[]

Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess LeAnn's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess
11 Wiz Khalifa Gucci Mane 2 Chainz 2 Chainz Wiz Khalifa


  • The mask was first revealed in an Instagram post and an Entertainment article on February 16, 2021, alongside Grandpa Monster.[1][2]
  • If one were to look closely at the Chameleon's eyes, he is shown to have movable eyes, just like a real-life chameleon.
  • Chameleon is the second mask to have a glow-in-the-dark version of himself. The first was Jellyfish.
  • Chameleon, Flamingo, Turtle, and Night Angel are the finalists who sang a song from a masked singer contestant.
  • Chameleon is the second rapper who was placed 3rd, the first was Frog.
  • Chameleon's final Performance was "Gangsta's Paradise" By Coolio, Which was Broccoli's walk-in music.
  • Chameleon made a cameo in House Party.
  • Chameleon is the second contestent to sing a 50 cent song, then go on to the finals. The first was Frog.