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Carwash is a contestant on the first series of The Masked Dancer.


The Carwash costume, resembles a side-washer. The mask and costume are both covered in multiple layers of fabric fringe, resembling a mop. Similar to US' Whatchamacallit, the Carwash uses a light blue and red colour palette.


Week Song Selection Placement
2 "Car Wash" by Christina Aguilera feat. Missy Elliott WIN
4 "You're the One That I Want"/"Greased Lightnin'"/"Born to Hand Jive" from Grease SAFE
5 "24K Magic" by Bruno Mars SAFE
6 "Singing In The Rain" by Gene Kelly BTM3
7 "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock SAFE
"You're the One That I Want"/"Greased Lightnin'"/"Born to Hand Jive" from Grease WINNER

Dance-off Songs[]

Week VS Song
6 Frog "Move Your Feet" by Junior Senior


Week Clue
2 Hey, you mucky lot, meet Carwash. I'm ready to soak up the excitement of this dance competition. And I'm going to let it shine. All this fun has got me in a right spin. I'm ready to pop bubbles, but I'm not going to squeegee too much away. Like a car wash, I totally love to perform. To do my job to the best of my ability. And nowhere feels more like home than in front of a huge crowd, soaking up the atmosphere, winning BRITs. They're the moments to bring out the bubble wash.
4 This carwash scrubs up well. You could say I have a little soapy swagger. A quiet confidence. I don't want to blow bubbles, but to have success, you need to believe in yourself and be dedicated to your artistic endeavours. I was offered a contract while still at soapy school, but I was too young to decide which route to take, and turned it down. Was it a regret? Let's just say, to count success, you need to turn up the heat. If you factor that in, life gives you extra. Look at me, I'm dripping clues everywhere.
5 This carwash didn't have a typical childhood, but my early sacrifices played their part in making me a name in Europe. Having tasted success, I was giddy and jumping for more. So, I returned to my early interest, and over the decades, I've joined members of a boy band and a girl band. And, hand on my soft washes, the thing I excelled at most, played a part in inspiring young people to follow my path. Time to rinse this carwash out, I'm due on stage!
6 I brush up well. Some of the things that I've done lately, are some of the most challenging yet. Learning new skills from one show to the next, keeping this body in check. I'm just glad I'm still getting marked on my artistic merit. And this time around, I was on top of the table when it mattered. Hiding behind this mask - double trouble. I scrub up well. I let it shine. One day, I'll come sparkling clean, but not just yet.
7 No time to bake, it's the final, and this wash is drying to win. Now we are in the final, I can tell you, honestly, it's not the first time I've been a finalist. In fact, at times, record-breaking. I've had a good run. The chase of the competition. And I may have forgotten my most famous outfit. But I'm always ready to jump back out there and compete with the best.
Two Lies and a Truth Answer
I get all my energy from vitamin C Lie
I sound like I sleep in the meadow Lie
I might look confident but I'm quite shy Truth
Clue Answers
'I'm honoured to be here' was a clue to Louis being awarded an MBE in 2013
Louis was the first solo male British gymnast to win a medal in over 100 years hence 'Record breaking'
'Not the first time I've been a finalist' nodded to Louis being a finalist in the Olympics, The Jump & Strictly
The 'Hottie Wash' sign was a nod to Louis winning 'Ultimate Hottie' at the Woman of the Year awards
The carwash sale poster with one bronze and two silver stars referenced Louis' Olympic medals

Final Guesses[]

Week Mo's Guess Davina's Guess Holly's Guess Oti's Guess Jonathan's Guess
7 Max Whitlock Louis Smith Aston Merrygold Matt Baker Derrick Evans



  • Carwash is the first male UK winner.
  • Holly guessed Aston Merrygold however he was Robin in the second series of The Masked Singer (UK).
  • Carwash is the first group B winner.