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Carnívora (translated as Carnivorous) is a masked celebrity on the third season of ¿Quién es la máscara?.

It was later revealed that the celebrity underneath the mask was Tatiana.


Carnivora's appearance is that of a Venus flytrap. She wears a green pantsuit beaded with jewels all over, and a pink jacket with a green collar that resembles leaves. The mask is a green head with brown eyes, a headset, and a mouth with big pink lips, fangs and a long tongue. Her hands are small Venus flytraps that resemble her mask.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Oops!... I Did It Again" by Britney Spears WIN
4 "Heart of Glass" by Blondie WIN
6 "Me Pasé" by Enrique Iglesias feat. Farruko BTM2
7 "Que nadie sepa mi sufrir" by La Sonora Dinamita BTM2
8 "Oye" by Beyoncé WIN
9 "I'm So Excited" by The Pointer Sisters ELIM


Week Clue (Translated)
1 "Come on in... Everyone thinks they know who I am, but only I will tell you without going down toxic paths. I am the Carnivorous, my friends! And I'm going to eat you all in syrup! Lies, everything here is beautiful and innocent. But I'm going to give you, not one, not two, but three tips to survive in this, my cosmos. First, don't shout, but don't be quiet, I love to design my own life without limits. Second, run, don't stop, find a way to feel powerful like a heroine. And third, don't go north because you might stumble. I would be dry without love, that's why I share little spiders with the ones I love the most, while I dream of stories from the street. Are you ready to get caught? Because the Carnivorous will steal your heart!"
4 "What a joy my first performance, it had nothing scary but a lot of rock and roll hahaha! The panelists were miles away from my identity haha, back in Acapulco. That's why we have to celebrate hahaha, without cockroaches and maybe with a ballad. Although I have lived nightmares, the support of my friends made the color come back, so I dreamed again. Now my life is not ugly at all and I can see ghosts everywhere haha, plus give pure love, music and lots of fun! So hold on mommies and daddies, I'm not even afraid of the lawnmower haha, let's succeed! Ajúa!"
6 "I've always loved strong emotions, they bring out my inner child, hahaha. Boo!"
(La Hueva): "Oh, holy yolk!"
"Hahaha! Ever since I was a tiny little plant I was always very particular, but I almost never show it, but when I do I'm the best! Boo!"
(Androide): "Oh, oh, error, error, error."
(Big Mask): "Carnivorous you... you are nominated, go to the confession room. Why do you think they nominated you?"
"Because I never measure risk well."
(Big Mask): "Since when?"
"Since I fell down skiing... and almost died, I injured my spine for life, no one came to rescue me, so I had to rescue myself."
(Big Mask): "Wow, you are a plant with a very strong stem."
"I am rebellious because the world has made me that way, life has made me that way, guys. The good thing is that I'm not alone anymore and I'm going to show you why the Carnivorous must still be here to surprise all of you! Hahaha!"
7 (Alan Estrada): "This is the first award ceremony of La Máscara. The nominees for the most fanged characters are: the Cerberus... the Carnivorous, also known as a cavewoman by Adrián... the Snow Monster... and the wolf of the Hood."
"Here my nerves are eating me up, and I eat everything in front of me, I'm going to go crazy! I'm going crazy, crazy, hahaha!"
(Alan Estrada): "And the winner is..."
"Obviously I have more teeth than that supposedly wolf of terror, and that Snow Monster I make her into a shaved ice in a minute, hahaha!"
(Alan Estrada): "The Carnivorous!"
"Oh, hahaha, thank you! Thank you, thank you very much, I dedicate this award to all my dear public, my dear angels that since I was a little plant their applause has watered me, to my dear colleagues I don't dine them just because we are already friends friends, that is to say, no strangers. And get ready in the forum to sing and dance with me! That the Carnivorous will make all of you move even your navel!"
8 (Alan Estrada): "We've all had awkward neighbors, but... of terror? Today's topic is: My neighbor is of terror."
"Me, of terror? Hahaha, no sir, the bad times are behind us and we relive the best of the good times, hahaha."
(Alan Estrada): "So, Carnivorous, do you consider yourself a good neighbor?"
"I'm good at everything, dear, cooking, dancing, singing, showing my face with pink lips, and keeping my little plants clean."
(Alan Estrada): "Well, someone doesn't think exactly like you, so we're going to welcome to this program the Queen Ant. Welcome Ant."
(Hormiga): "Good afternoon master Alan, I am very angry with this mistress."
"Don't call me mistress!"
(Hormiga): "She takes advantage! Her bugs and her spiders come to my garden."
"Oh please! I don't have any bugs other than... neighbors. Now I'm all about partying, hahaha!"
(Sapo): "Sorry, but your parties get out of control, I've mistaken the little worms for streamers in my lawn, yuck! Ribbit."
"Oh I see, I see, I see, what I see is that you guys have nothing on prince and queen. Please don't be nosy, remember that empathy is the basis of all happiness."
(Alan Estrada): "Hehe, and speaking of which, Carnivorous... you're doing my job. Oh, thanks."
"Sorry young Alan, but I'm all about the show and while the drama continues here, I'm untangling my branches to get to my next musical! So everyone listen up!"
9 "I'm not going to lie you, babies, I'm very happy, I'm already a spoiled carnivorous! Haha!"
(La Hueva): "Oh, holy yolk!"
"And I'm celebrating with non-stop emotion! Oh sorry, I hope I didn't break his eggshell. Not being talked to and not talking is something very difficult, especially when I'm a plant that loves to have good talks, hahaha... but even if it's hard for me I won't talk. Being in the grand semifinals makes me very nervous, but I really like the good stuff, hahaha, I have to move all over the place, and stretch my little teeth and my little plants before singing, because if I don't, I go crazy! Sorry, but I'm about to explode, well, but from exploding here to exploding on stage, I choose the stage! Hahaha!"
Week Dish
7 Green Spaghetti & Sweet Cold Salad
Clue Answers
The mermaid on the screen in her clue package is a reference to her character in the telenovela "Amy, la niña de la mochila azul".
Carnívora designs her clothes in her clue package because in real life this celebrity designs her own clothes.
The doll in her clue package makes reference to the fact that a famous toy brand launched a doll with her figure.

Final Guesses[]

Week Carlos' Guess Juanpa's Guess Mónica's Guess Yuri's Guess
9 Alicia Villarreal Tatiana Mariana Treviño Tatiana