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Bushranger is a masked celebrity contestant on the second season of The Masked Singer Australia.


The Bushranger costume consists of, what appears to be, metallic copper printed armor and overcoat. Bushranger also wear grey sparkly trousers/ pants tucked into brown boots. The mask itself appears to be that of a bucket, with a slit to enable the contestant to see.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Bills" by LunchMoney Lewis WIN
2 "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga SAFE
3 "Be Alright" by Dean Lewis SAFE
4 "Motivation" by Normani SAFE
5 "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum SAFE
6 "One Last Time" by Ariana Grande SAFE
7 "When Love Takes Over" by David Guetta & Kelly Rowland WINNER


Week Clue
1 "Why am I The Bushranger? Because I'm not afraid to stand up and take what I want. I'm proud of my heritage. My past is important to me. Like a true Bushranger I take the path less travelled, and I have never regretted it. That's because I'm a fighter from a family of fighters. In fact, I became famous punching above my weight. But a successful Bushranger knows when to hide. Sometimes the only way to survive is to turn the light out. It's better than crying and rusting my helmet. I was a pioneer, the first of my kind. But others followed in my path and more will come in future. I'm The Bushranger, and it's time to stand and deliver."
2 "For my very first performance The Bushranger was going to steal the show. So put your money on Bushranger to win this whole dang thing. Yee-haw! Like a true Bushranger I've got the country in my heart. I'm very comfortable with horsepower, like other women before me. But I'm never comfortable being just the one thing. It's important to always be growing. Roses are my favourite. I was for a while part of the Kelly gang. Now I'm on my own. But you're never on your own when you have family, and over the years I've discovered that ink stains. But right now, nothings getting under my skin. I've got my armour on, and it's time to take the competition head on."
3 "Last time on this stage I came out firing, and I stole a heart. Although I'm all wrapped up in metal, Christmas is my favourite time of the year, and those magical Christmas songs, it's the present that gave me my future. You have to follow your dreams, but do it in your own way. It helps if you have a good role model to follow around. It's hard work getting people all over the country to and over their money. But working hard gives me a buzz. Now I know that whoever we pretend to be, we can only be ourselves, and forget the criticism. As Madonna said "express yourself", so that's what I'm going to do."
4 "Music has always been in my life, this isn't my first rodeo. I'm proud to walk in my family's footsteps. My clan is strong, and my mum is dedicated to her routes. In my business sometimes you have to swim with sharks. I did and it was the lowest I have ever fallen. I'm a disciple of hard work and imagination. It's how you get to be a champion, and eventually take on the world. When Americans get to their feet for you, you're on your way. I'm the Bushranger and I'm here to take what's mine."
5 "I'm a dreamer. But you achieve your dreams through hard work, even if it makes you sweat. Being rewarded for hard work is justice, and not many Bushrangers talk about justice. I'm not afraid of competition, I'll take on the world. I might never be the one, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Still, you can't win 'em all. You just gotta take it day by day. Bushrangers never do what you expect, surprise is important. It takes planning, take my word. Right now, I have just one job, to stand tall and give my best, and that's what I'm going to do."
6 "You can't tell with this mask on, but I've been pretty since the day I was born. You might think that's big headed, but it's just the way my parents saw me. But I'm tough too. From an early age I was taught how to take the knocks & come back strong. It's not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, especially when they have a tin lid like this. I'm a country girl at heart, at home in paddocks and barns, and I'm also at home on stage and screen. Tonight you're going to see how comfortable I am behind a microphone."
7 "In The Masked Singer I rose to every challenge. I've stood tall and stood my ground. Dressed for the fight. Although I do prefer the leather look. We're raised tough where I come from, and not afraid to think outside the squared circle. That's why you'll learn, I don't give up. Am I a Kelly? No way. But I could've been. My decision wasn't based on being a minor, but it did create quite the buzz, and I'm creating even more buzz as a Masked Singer. "

("My heritage is important to me, and that will be no true matter where I was born.")

("I am the voice behind one of the most famous sounds in Australia.")

("This is my childhood rocking horse. I'm passing this horse onto my children to continue my happy memories.")

("While touring New Zealand I pretended to be a different musician and signed autographs in their name.")

("Dylan Alcott is pretty tough, so it might be no surprise that he and I once went head-to-head and I came off second best.")

("Everything that pushes me through my day-to-day life is about my family and know that they are proud of what I am achieving here.")

("Inside this armour, I feel fierce, bullet-proof, and invincible. I feel like I could stand strong and take on the world. Whatever happens now, win or lose, I'm happy. I'm a winner.")

Clue Answers
The boxing references: Bushranger's dad was a trainer, her brother was Australian Champion, and her grandfather was world boxing legend, Lionel Rose.
Part of Kelly's Gang reference - in neighbours, Bushranger was Finn Kelly's girlfriend.

Final Guesses[]

Week Dannii's Guess Dave's Guess Jackie's Guess Urzila's Guess
7 Bonnie Anderson Jessica Mauboy Bonnie Anderson Jessica Mauboy


  • Bonnie is the first female winner of the Australian version of show
  • Bonnie is the first Australia's Got Talent contestant to compete on the show.
  • The first song ''Bills'' was also Mallard's walk in song.