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Bulldog is a masked celebrity contestant on the fifth season of The Masked Singer.


Bulldog is covered in black and gold from head to toe. He wears a black and gold jacket with "BD" on the left side of the chest and gold chains around his neck, gold pants with a black stripe across each knee, and gold sneakers. His paws are black, and his mask is gold.


Week Song Selection Result
5 "Candy Girl" by New Edition ELIM


Week Clue
5 "My whole life, I had to fend myself, stepping up to any challenge that comes my way. I made moves on every green field with Panthers and Pit Bulls, running fast like a human torch. Yep, I'm one hot dog - technically, the sexiest dog alive, people. But don't be fooled by all the beef. I'm a big softy inside. I'm sit, stay, give you my ball, whatever it takes to make you love me. So beware of dog kisses. Now this pup's about to blow the last two wildcards out of the water and become the most popular pet on stage. And I'm dedicating this performance to someone very special."
Clue Answers
There was a "GT" in Bulldog's package, a clue to Nick hosting AGT, "America's Got Talent."
The dance battle in Bulldog's package nods to Nick's roles in dance films like "Drumline", "Shall We Dance?", and "School Dance".
The ghetto themed background in the clue package is a hint to Nick's show, "Wild n Out".


Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess
5 None Chris Rock Chris Tucker Eddie Murphy

Note: The judges' guesses weren't final, since the host ordered the Bulldog to take his mask off before they could finalize their guesses.


  • Bulldog is the first wildcard contestant to be eliminated.
    • He is also the first contestant to be eliminated immediately after being announced to be unmasked.
  • Bulldog is the first wildcard contestant to enter and be eliminated on the same episode, with the follow up being Beach Ball.
  • He is the first contestant to be chosen to be unmasked by the host, in this case, outgoing guest host, Niecy Nash.
  • Bulldog's torso is similar to Broccoli's torso.
  • Bulldog is the third contestant to wear a gold mask, with the first two being Lion and Sun.
    • This makes him the first male contestant to wear a gold mask.
  • During Bulldog's unmasking, "Who Are You" by The Who was not played.
  • Nicole previously guessed Nick Cannon earlier in the season to be the Chameleon in the Group B premiere.
  • Interestingly, Bulldog was the fifth performer on the fifth episode of the fifth season, and was eliminated fifth.
  • Bulldog made a guest appearance in the Dalmatian’s only performance poking his head out of the dog house.
    • The Bulldog mask also made a cameo appearance in Mallard's fourth performance.
  • Bulldog made a cameo appearance in Thingamabob's first clue package in the seventh season.
  • Bulldog, Gremlin, and Cluedle-Doo are the only Masked Singers who never took part in a traditional elimination ceremony. In Bulldog's case, he was chosen to unmask by Niecy Nash.
  • Bulldog is the first contestant that made songs after being on the show.
  • His walk in song "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley was also a dancing performance performed by Beagle.