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Broccoli is a masked celebrity on the fourth US season of The Masked Singer.


The Broccoli appears to be some sort of monster, even having fangs at the bottom of his mouth. He has a basketball jacket on, with the letter "B" on the front (for Broccoli) and the masked singer logo on the back. He is also wearing yellow plaid pants. All of the Broccoli's clothing has tears in it, and it has two necklaces below his furry beard.


Week Song Selection Result
5 "House Is Rockin'/Whole Lotta Shakin Going On" by Stevie Ray Vaughan/Jerry Lee Lewis SAFE
6 "Hello" by Lionel Richie SAFE
9 "Old Time Rock & Roll" by Bob Seger ELIM

Smackdown Songs[]

Week VS Song
9 Mushroom "Take Me Down" by Alabama


Week Clue
0 (Super Sneak Peek) I’m a Brocco-lean, mean, heart pumping machine. After all, it’s how I got my six pack.
5 "H-e-e-e-re's Broccoli, baby! Let's do my new dance challenge, the 'Brocco-lean'. First you snap back, two, three, then Brocco-lean back, two, three. A contest greased the wheels for my career, and now I'm so humbled to work with the biggest artists, stacking up my cheese. It ain't easy being a kid rolling with the OGs, but performing is my passion. And while I've been on many stages, I can honestly say none have excited me more than this one. Tonight, I'm singing a tribute to the greats. I know I've got some big shoes to fill, but I'm ready. Brock on!"
6 "I love brockin' this costume. I feel like I'm a success story for the Masked Singer diet plan. Coupled with it being so steamy under this mask, I've already lost weight. But it's no sweat, because as far back as I could remember, I've always wanted to be a broccoli. I've dreamed of being a super food that enriches people's lives. And one night, I got the opportunity to do just that. I had dinner with a legendary friend: the Big Cheese."
Big Cheese: "I need your help on one final project before I grow moldy, capiche?"
"I raced home and after pulling an all-nighter, I cooked up a beauty that really packed a punch. I called the boss."
Big Cheese: "Spit it out."
"I made something special, but even I couldn't have imagined the classic I created, and all from one meal. And tonight, I'm gonna serve up another side of my legacy: the sultry side."
9 "In my line of work, I am no stranger to women fawning over me. What can I say? Ladies love a front man. I'm so grateful to have so many fans over the years, but it's the love I receive from these two special ladies that's truly been the secret to my success."
(Broccoli's Leading Ladies): Broccoli is truly the ringmaster of our lives. he's always been the greatest showman. He's larger than life. He lives to light up the room. And his showbiz stories are legendary. As a kid, he used to sneak into the local circus and cut holes into the curtain so he could watch the show, dreaming about being one of the performers. Until he got caught! *laughing* But that's our Broccoli. He's scrappy, he's got chutzpah. The other contestants better watch out! He approaches everything with unparalleled perfectionism and pizzazz. So knock 'em dead tonight, Broccoli! We love you!"
Week Magical Clue
6 Roulette Wheel
Clue Answers
The Jason mask in Broccoli's package is a nod to Paul's famous son-in-law, Jason Bateman.
The 3 mariachi singers in Broccoli's package is a clue to Paul's album "Amigos."
The soup can in Broccoli's package hints to the Campbell's Soup contest Paul won as a teen that sparked his career.
The BrikBrok video in Broccoli's package is a clue to Paul's song "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" going viral on TikTok.
The project with the “Big Cheese” in Broccoli’s second package was a hint to Paul’s work on the Frank Sinatra song, “My Way”.

Final Guesses[]

Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess Jay's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess
9 Paul Anka Neil Sedaka Paul Simon Ringo Starr Wayne Newton

First Impressions[]

Robin's First Impression Jenny's First Impression Ken's First Impression Nicole's First Impression
Bob Newhart Jerry Springer Martin Short Bill Murray


  • The mask was initially revealed in the season 4 costume teaser on August 26, 2020,[1] and was later officially revealed on September 11, 2020.[2][3]
  • This is the first mask to have The Masked Singer logo on it, in which case it's on the back of the jacket.
  • At 79 years old, Broccoli is the second oldest male contestant in the history of The Masked Singer behind Pineapple (Tommy Chong), and the third-oldest overall behind Mouse (Dionne Warwick) and Pineapple.
  • Broccoli is the third Canadian to compete on the show.
  • Broccoli's Walk in music was "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio, which was Chameleon's final performance.
  • Broccoli's voice was pitched down in the Super Sneak Peak but pitched up for the rest of the season.
  • Broccoli is the second mask to sing a song with 2 songs playing. The first was Skeleton.
  • This costume was reused in Mexico's third season as the basis for Brócoli.





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