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Black Widow is a masked celebrity contestant on the second US season of The Masked Singer.


The Black Widow wears a black latex bodysuit with a red X and web motifs on the abdomen. There also appears to be a spider's abdomen and legs extending out the back of the costume. The mask itself is black with large white and red accented eyes and large spikes.

After she broke her arm, Black Widow wears a black sling on her left arm.


Week Song Selection Result
2 "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" by Whitney Houston WIN
4 "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood SAFE
5 "Believe" by Cher ELIM


Week Clue
2 "I'm 'the Black Widow', because like me, they hide in plain sight. And when they strike, you know it. Frankly, I've been packaged my entire life. And after years of living in the public eye you're in my house now. Welcome to my empire. Mwah-ha-ha-ha! And now, I get to be here to share the real threads of who I am. So consider this the director's cut of my life. Where you'll find I'm a little edgier, darker and more alien than you know me to be. Maybe what you find in the deleted scenes. You better believe on this stage, I'm going to be good as hell."
4 "Performing as 'the Black Widow' for the first time, I felt so confident as this edgy, sultry arachnid. You gotta understand. Ever since I was an itsy bitsy spider, I've had to embody a squeaky clean image. But no matter what I try, I just never felt like I fit the part. So while I've had an amazing career that's taken on all different shapes, I've been waiting for a moment like this, where I don't have to pretend. Because all you know for sure about me is my voice and my badonkadonk. And tonight, I'm going country to get y'all even more tangled up in my web."
5 "Last round, I totally threw y'all off with a genre you didn't expect. This costume feels like home. I can be myself, and I don't have to pretend anymore. Then again, I can make myself at home in pretty much any nook or cranny. So here are my tips on how to jazz up any new space, no matter how dirty. Whether it's a cozy den in Memphis or a bungalow in Bel Air, make sure to fill your space with things that spark joy and always find time to entertain your guests. You still hanging with me? Good. 'Cause tonight, this hot homemaker's gonna keep you on your toes, and not even a broken arm can stop me."
Week Physical Clue
5 Whipped Cream & Crackers
Clue Answers
The crystal ball in Black Widow's packages hints to Raven's psychic abilities on "That's So Raven."
The cheetah print in Black Widow's packages hints to Raven's former group "The Cheetah Girls."
The sweater that Black Widow is knitting in her package hints to the sweaters Raven famously wore on "The Cosby Show."
Other Clue Answers

Final Guesses[]

Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess Ken's Guess Anthony's Guess Nicole's Guess
5 Raven-Symoné Amber Riley Miranda Lambert Drew Barrymore Raven-Symoné


  • Before Black Widow's second performance, she had broken her arm, but got out of the hospital just in time, making her and Butterfly the first performers to suffer an accident, only her accident happened off-stage.
  • Jenny had previously guessed Raven-Symoné to be the Raven in Season 1.
  • Raven is one of two The Cheetah Girls on season 2 of The Masked Singer, the other being Flamingo.