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Bee is a masked celebrity on the first season of The Masked Singer.


Bee is a traditional bumblebee. Her shirt and pants are mostly black with the exception of the front, which has a black and yellow pattern. Four thin black legs come out from the waist, as well as two abdomen-like shells. The mask is more humanoid, with goggles, black lips, and two curly horns. Below the mask is a puffy collar similar to a honeycomb; two black wings protrude out the back.


Week Song Selection Result
2 "Chandelier" by Sia WIN
4 "Locked Out of Heaven" by Bruno Mars SAFE
6 "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus SAFE
7 "What's Love Got to Do with It" by Tina Turner SAFE
8 "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin SAFE
9 "I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bonnie Raitt THIRD


Week Clue
2 "In my long career, I've flown to soaring heights. And I've never wanted to stop doing what I love. Being a worker bee keeps me young. You can call me Queen Bee. But Empress also suits me. Coming on to this show, I'm looking forward to singing to a new generation. I want to see for myself that I still have what it takes to create a buzz, even behind a mask."
4 "Being a part of a show like this, I'm really having lots of fun. It gives me a challenge because I usually watch faces and they lift me up. But actually doing the mask part, I can't see people! It's kind of scary 'cause I'm singing the music of today. And you know, I'm not always on what's happening in the world today musically. But it doesn't matter how many awards you have. You have to be willing to flip the script. I'm singing another modern song tonight. I'm hoping the panel won't recognize my voice 'cause I want to keep 'em guessing."
6 "I've been performing for a long time. And I thought I'd done it all in my career. My dressing as an insect is definitely a first for me. It was at a birthday party when I was eight years old. That's when my mama first gave me the idea to form a group. I guess it was always in the cards. We got a record contract. And my career has been all peaches and marmalade ever since. Being on the show, it's a trip singing songs that other people have written. It makes me feel like I'm every bee. You know, it's all in me. My song tonight is like a modern power ballad. I never thought I'd be singing it, especially not dressed like this."
7 "So far on this show, I've been singing hits from today's music. But now that the competition is getting tougher, I'm going back to what I know best. A few of us queen bees got our groove on back then. So which one am I? Am I bringing a new attitude? Am I a super woman? Am I proof that we don't need another hero? Am I giving you the best that I've got? Or do I buzz around a different beehive? I'll let you figure that out while I sing a sexy song from a very close friend."
8 "Some of the panel are convinced that I'm the queen of the Pips. But what if I've been giving mixed messages all this time? I want to tell my fans my recipe for success. You know I like baking. And you know that nobody makes a peach cobbler quite like mine. But after all these years of hit after hit, it's this Grammys voice that I'm hoping will lead me to the finals. I am surprised by how competitive I've become as an insect. But I'm really going for it now. So I'm serving up a powerful song by my good friend, Aretha Franklin. I'm hoping it will give me the sweet taste of victory."
9 "This show has been such a challenge. I was a little nervous in the beginning. I was like, oh my God, can I really do this? And so I just said my prayer and went on out there. It was a whole new setup to sing all those modern songs and they not know who you are. I've been entertaining people for almost, almost 70 years. But I've never done anything quite like this. Everything was totally different. But I came on this show determined to connect with a new generation. I've learned that you can do whatever you set out to do if you give it the dedication that you need to make it work. Well, I've come this far. And I want to win that golden mask to prove that music is universal. It really isn't about age. That mask is mine."
Week Physical Clue
6 Bakeware
Clue Answers
Bee's mention of Grammys on stage referred to Gladys' 10 Grammy wins and 32 nominations.
The baking references in Bee's package were a clue for Gladys' love of cooking. She also published a cookbook.
There were multiple clues to Gladys' most popular song titles, including "Superwoman" and "Midnight Train to Georgia."
Other Clue Answers
The "queen of the Pips" line refers to the group she was a part of, Gladys Knight & The Pips.

Final Guesses[]

Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess Kenan's Guess
9 Gladys Knight Gladys Knight Anita Baker Gladys Knight Gladys Knight


  • Bee provided the game-changing clue for Crocodile during the Group B final in Season 4.
  • This was Jenny's first correct guess.
  • During her final interview while masked, Gladys noted that between her first and second performance, the costume designers had altered the open mouth of her costume by removing the black film to make it easier for her to sing.
  • Bee and Butterfly made a cameo in Crab's first clue package.
  • At 75 years old at the time of her unmasking, Bee is the oldest finalist in Masked Singer history.





Interview Unmasked[]