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Baby is a masked celebrity contestant on the sixth US season of The Masked Singer.


Baby has fair skin with big ears and big, blue eyes, as well as only one tooth in his mouth, and a tuft of curly, blond hair. He wears a yellow onesie with blue stripes, a matching bonnet, and a bib that says, "Baby's First Show!". His microphone is a baby bottle.


Week Song Selection Result
1 "You're the First, the Last, My Everything" by Barry White ENTER + SAFE
3 "Meet the Flintstones" by Hoyt Curtin ELIM
Christmas "Vehicle" by The Ides of March


Week Clue
0 (Special Sneak Peek) "This pacifier sucker never claimed to be classy, especially when I, well, get gassy."
1 Baby: "I might just be a newborn in a diaper, but I'm larger than life. I was part of a baby Rat Pack, and we was famous for throwing punches and getting my hands dirty in the action. I got blockbuster hits, an award-winning album, radio play."
Baby: "I'd even replaced Schwarzenegger in a film. "Get to the choppa!" And now I'm here as a wildcard to make the whole world a giant playpen."
3 "I love a good house party. And the best house party I've ever been on was a trip. That's right. It was a house party on eight wheels. I got to bring my whole family along for the ride. I even got pictures of my kids taking a bath in the sink. Tonight, I'm going to sing just the perfect song. I don't want to sing some song that's just sitting there. You want a song that gets people moving around, just like my party bus."
Week Locker Clue
1 Report Card
Failed Driving Test
Week Party Favor
3 Grill and Cooler
Clue Answers
The badge in Baby's package is a clue to Larry's role as a deputy in "Witless Protection", co-starring our own Jenny McCarthy.
The car in Baby's package is a clue to Larry's role as the voice of Tow Mater in Disney's "Cars".
Larry replaced Arnold Schwarzenegger in the sequel to "Jingle All the Way".
The tooth in Baby's package is a clue to Larry's starring role in "Tooth Fairy 2".

Final Guesses[]

Week Robin's Guess Jenny's Guess Ken's Guess Nicole's Guess
3 Chuck Norris
(First Impression)
Bruce Willis Gordon Ramsay James Corden

First Impressions[]

Robin's First Impression Jenny's First Impression Ken's First Impression Nicole's First Impression
Chuck Norris Kurt Russell Hugh Jackman Michael Caine


  • The mask was initially revealed in "The 2021 FOX Fall Preview" released online on September 1, 2021, and was later officially revealed on September 8, 2021.[1]
  • Baby is the first human costume on this show
    • Baby is also the first announced Wildcard of season six, and the sixth Wildcard overall
  • Baby was previously the biggest costume in The Masked Singer history. The record is now held by Cyclops of the following season.
  • Baby is the second baby mask on the show, the first being Baby Alien in season four, and would later be followed by Baby Mammoth of the following season.
  • Baby is also the second costume to have a human skin tone, the first being Russian Dolls.
  • In The Official Masked Singer Podcast, it is revealed that Nicole mentioned Gerard Butler and Jason Statham while guessing who Baby is in the second episode.
  • Baby is the first wildcard of season six to be eliminated.
  • During the first Impression guesses, Baby's shown making crying noises.
    • He's also shown making crying noises when he's eliminated.
  • Baby is the first, and so far only, US mask to sing a television show theme song.
  • Ken Jeong guessed Larry the Cable Guy to be Banana in season 3.
  • Larry the Cable Guy was Robin's first impression guess for Mallard.
  • Baby's voice, along with Caterpillar's voice and Pepper's voice, was pitched up in the sneak peak but pitched down for the rest of the season.