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Atlantis is a masked celebrity contestant on the third season of The Masked Singer Australia.


Atlantis' costume seems to resemble a sea anemone. She wears a top that looks like coral and is wearing a dress made to look like seaweed. She also has sea anemone shoulder pieces, green pants and white boots. Her mask extends above that celebrity's and wears a head piece that looks like a sea anemone.


Week Song Selection Result
2 "Pleasure and Pain" by Divinyls BTM3
4 "Only Love Can Hurt Like This" by Paloma Faith SAFE
6 "Ex's & Oh's" by Elle King ELIM


Week Clue
2 "I am the great Atlantis and I am the queen of all I see. I am a goddess of water, I am fluid taking many shapes and forms but I have been punished just for being who I am and I have been rewarded for the same reason. I am a creature of the sea, the ocean was my original home. The land holds mystery and disappointment for me. My world is colourful, but you wouldn’t know it. It’s not just black and white. Fashions come and go but words can last forever. Life is like that. I heard the siren of Hollywood many times, but Washington only once. It was one of life’s happy accidents. I am Atlantis and I shall be your queen."
4 "I am Atlantis – deep, mysterious and powerful. Am I Chinese? It would be easy to have that belief. But I wasn’t there long.  The west was where my ambition led me. Like the waves, my path has not been straight. But like water, nothing can hold me back for long. Words have been my life but also my greatest danger. You don’t like what I have to say? Many others do. Don’t confuse me for a shop girl.  Or Marilyn either. Perhaps I am a do-gooder? I would be happy with that. I am Atlantis – and no one can resist a force of nature."
6 "I am Atlantis and I am bringing the storm! I am who I am – although the papers may not agree.  That’s my trouble. But children believe in me and I believe in them. My voice has been my downfall and my saviour. But I learnt from the greatest when I knew so little. And what I achieved is epic. The great Atlantis has no true nemesis. No enemy. But there is still much to fear in my home.I am Atlantis and I shall have my justice!"
Panel's Question Answer
Are you an actor? "As queen, I am whatever I choose to be, and I am familiar with being someone else."
Mind Reader Explanation
A Gnat "I've had a gnat on my mind my entire life."
Atlantis being sprinkled by some ‘sand’ by a bodyguard while she slept.
Clue Answers
"Believe in children" - Atlantis opened a music academy to help underprivileged children.
"Mannequin and Tailors Tape" - Atlantis released a line of clothing for fuller-figured women called 'Hump'
During the CCTV of Atlantis, MIB sprinkled "sand" on her whilst asleep. She played the wife of "The Sandman" character in the 2010 movie, Training Day
"My world is colourful, but you wouldn't know it" is a reference to Atlantis's stage name; Macy Gray.

Final Guesses[]

Week Dannii's Guess Dave's Guess Jackie's Guess Urzila's Guess
6 Bonnie Tyler Rihanna Noni Hazlehurst Delta Goodrem


  • Urzila previously guessed Atlantis to be Macy Gray, however changed her mind in Episode 6, to Delta Goodrem.
  • Dave Hughes reported that Macy Gray refused to unmask herself as she wanted to stay longer in the competition. Production was halted and she had to be convinced by producers to leave the show.
  • Atlantis is the second international contestant to be in the Australian Masked singer.