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Apache (play on words between the Apache Native Americans tribe and Mapache, meaning Raccoon) is a masked celebrity on the third season of ¿Quién es la máscara?.

It was later revealed that the celebrity underneath the mask was Kalimba.


Apache's appearance is that of a raccoon wearing clothing of the tribe that bears his name, which consists of baggy cotton pants, a leather belt from which several details such as feathers and laces are detached, a talisman on his neck, bracelets on his arms, and a huge war bonnet on his head that reaches down to his feet.


Week Song Selection Result
2 "Que Te Ruegue Quien Te Quiera" by Banda el Recodo WIN
4 "Felices los 4" by Maluma WIN
6 "I Like to Move It" by Reel 2 Real feat. The Mad Stuntman WIN
7 "STAY" by The Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber SAFE
8 "Chica Ideal" by Sebastián Yatra & Guaynaa WIN
9 "Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of...)" by Lou Bega SAFE
"In da Getto" by J Balvin & Skrillex SAFE
"Vente Pa' Ca" by Ricky Martin ft. Maluma (Duet with Hombre de Piedra) N/A
10 "Cuántas Veces" by Carlos Rivera & Reik (Trio with Carlos Rivera & Reik) SAFE
"Can't Stop the Feeling!" by Justin Timberlake WINNER


Week Clue (Translated)
2 "Upa, upa, upa... Me being the Apache, you wanting to discover me, me trying to avoid it, my name being dreamy guitar... oops, I messed up. Me be a castaway of life, me be the son of a man with the soul of a child. No, not to shoot! Me defend the damsel, better dance duel, yes you can? Me be deceived, where is damsel? Me refuse to be without her, look for her to the ocean. Always me get to the bottom of the problem, me solve without violence, that make true hero. Kind gangsters return me to damsel... all of you have no good manners. Uh! Uh! Ah! Ah! Ah! That does hurt... don't want to get marks on my skin. Oh! Who blew out the candle? Now you do go overboard, that was rough, next game Friday me be gangster, smoke all the big peace pipe. Apache just arrive, to get everybody to dance! Upa, upa, upa..."
4 "Previous performance, me receive great prize, applause from the public, thinkers, mask not find out who I am. To me be worried that already some give with the Apache, but me confirm that fortune is a hostage and let life surprise me, me enter to everything. Moment, me to be wrong, it's still on the schedule only the tomorrow one. Me serve but also add, the Apache likes mathematics. Sometimes life to be perfect poker and not need cheating, my path is there, nothing else remains for me to trust and continue. Me with friends live adventures, and even if some do not call me back, me compose the situation. Bah! Many people think that this is childishness, I don't care. Oh! Rain make people run away. Upa, upa, upa... The Apache has to stay, because not to be a friend more, to say hi to love and not goodbye, better to worship the moon and ask for much applause! Upa, upa, upa..."
6 "How, in the last dance the Apache baby prove to go all out with powerful reggaeton. And it seems that thinkers smoke a lot of peace pipe, me enjoy to be many more... and the best, sun woman descend from the heights to dance with me on big platform for dances and the Apache baby happy! Upa, upa, upa... I always enjoy enclosure, but here be everyone and it seems to me that there are still many."
(La Hueva): "Hello Apache."
(La Hueva): "Bye Apache."
"Me like solitude, but also enjoy meeting again with my tribe, upa upa, upa!"
(Carnívora): "Ciao, ciao, ciao."
"Think I'm crazy and strange? It doesn't matter to me, this will do."
(Big Mask): "Apache, you go to the confession room."
"Upa, upa, upa..."
(Big Mask): "Hello Apache."
"How, big Alan."
(Big Mask): "Do you know what happens in this place?"
"Yes yes, I confess."
(Big Mask): "Well, I hear you."
"I confess to be very calm, but I like extreme adrenaline too, and when nobody see me, instead of Apache I look like squirrel."
(Big Mask): "Good thing this house is only one level, you can leave now."
"See you on the other moon, big Alan. Upa, upa, upa..."
7 (Alan Estrada): "It's time to present the nominees for the furriest masked character, the nominees are: the Minotaur... the Polar Bear... the Raccoon... and the Apache. Well, the winner is... the Apache baby!"
"Upa, upa, upa... Me being excited and wanting to thank my feet, thanks to that put one after the other, literally, me getting to walk here in harmony. Want to thank tribe, because they be my luck, tribal chief be called man with child soul, and Apache mother be called woman of red and yellow soil, for being big as the moon. To take care of fur, I use shampoo with peach scent, like sun woman. Before music play, me thank because the Apache be adventurous, proud of their roots. Upa, upa, upa..."
8 (Alan Estrada): "Today's topic is... hey sorry, is it well written like this? Like this, this is how I say it? Okay, okay, the theme is: Childhood of mine not to be like childhood of others. And without further ado, let the Apache pass!"
"Upa, upa, upa... Thanks for inviting to program, me like to share with strangers, so be a day of good fortune."
(Alan Estrada): "Have a seat Apache, and tell me, we want to know why your childhood was not like the others."
"Uff, me dance since forever, since I remember, rhythm appear, and Apache baby always dance with tribe."
(Alan Estrada): "So you have done nothing but dance?"
"Oh not just dance, me like heights, and once when I was little to try to fly as a superhero."
(Alan Estrada): "Flying? But with the feathers you have on your war bonnet, I don't think you can fly much, at least not very high, right?"
"And you are right, because me to fall like a little chicken, and give a lot of laughs, hahaha!"
(Alan Estrada): "And what happened to you?"
"You don't see? Me still alive! But I'd better not fly anymore, I'd better stay close to mother earth and with my feet firmly planted on it, walk walking."
(Alan Estrada): "Well, I'm glad we can see you move that powerful war bonnet."
"Yes, war bonnet give me power, be like a mane and roar, roar! And make me strong as titan to speak for those who have no voice, but me say no more, me have to go dance next music. Oh, take this to me, for energy."
9 "My tour through this temple of training to be an exciting knockout. Ah! What happen? Me fix problem. Who desecrate transportation method? Me be upset!"
(Gitana): "Oh excuse me then, man, relax, relax."
"You be neighbor of competition and smoke peace pipe."
(Gitana): "Relax mijo, that I know that what you like walks by a bandeja paisa rather, my love."
"All of you only see a part, but the Apache dance and rehearse hours, training be fire that no one ever extinguish. Is that I compete with musical arrow or racket full of dreams, and throw far away. Oops! Oh! Forgive me if you fall, but the Apache know how to get up, because with following dance no one can sit down! Upa, upa, upa..."
"Apache like health, because that way me have inside free of ugly things."
(Woman's Voice): "Apache, go to x-ray, baby."
"Apache obey, because voice woman call me very sexy, Apache baby. Upa, upa, upa..."
(Woman's Voice): "The image presented by the patient is confusing, could you explain to us what you have in your heart?"
"Apache baby always be baby, and be very lucky to be close to a lot of light, that light illuminate my way."
(Woman's Voice): "The diagnosis is still unclear, come back for another x-ray."
"Excuse me voice woman, but Apache have to go do special dance for public, for earth woman, sun woman, jungle king, and for boy with broccoli hair. Voice woman be invited to dance! Upa, upa, upa..."
10 "Upa, upa, upa... Apache baby get to musical temple very Banda, and thank discoverers for wanting to move it with Apache! Me be favorite of earth woman... but earth woman have favorites everywhere. Bah, it doesn't matter, me be grateful, because they save me from risk. And my heart beats a thousand per hour. But poor heart, to be very chacachaca and in an uproar because to have moments that never forget. Speaking about heart, I still don't know what to have there, but it can be message for sun woman. You think I be Yurem, Camilo, Óscar Schwebel, Kalimba, Ricky Martin, and Mario Domm, but me not understand, because Apache baby be Apache baby. Upa, upa, upa... Me be in grand finale and never want to leave the Apache, because me miss and want to sing always, let's move it! Upa, upa, upa..."
(Alan Estrada): "Apache baby we are in the finale, I would like you to open your heart and be very honest in this interview, did you expect to reach the finale?"
"Sigh... not knowing what to expect at the beginning, the Apache coming here with a nomad's heart, getting to know what to expect, getting to know new audiences, getting to know the city, when to be on stage, the Apache just letting go of the soul."
(Alan Estrada): "Is there anything the Apache will miss?"
"Uff, the Apache learning a new way to communicate, the Apache finding that leaving character aside and becoming only the words that came from the soul, the Apache never wanting to stop being this new heart, this new soul and this new spirit that the Apache found in this place."
(Alan Estrada): "From what you mention, which by the way, what beautiful words, it seems that the Apache has learned a lot, on this night of goodbyes, of triumph, because everyone is already a winner, is there something that the Apache would like to say to that soul that lives inside him?"
"To want to say thank you, the Apache not being sure which way to go in this new adventure, and when the Apache touches this place, the Apache recognizing himself through recognizing others, through hearing words, the Apache say to the Apache thank you for opening your heart to allow you to experience this."
(Alan Estrada): "Apache you have stolen everyone's heart and we wish you wholeheartedly the greatest success in this grand finale."
Week Dish
7 Gummy Bears Sincronizada
Clue Answers
He said "Apache dances since forever" because since he was three years old he was involved in the medium.
The Dalmatian "Suertudo" in his clue package is a reference to "Lucky" his character in "101 Dalmatians".
In real life he worked as a waiter, which is why he appears waiting the cantina tables in his clue package.

Final Guesses[]

Week Carlos' Guess Juanpa's Guess Mónica's Guess Yuri's Guess
10 Kalimba


  • The mask was revealed on September 15, 2021.[1]
  • This is the second Raccoon costume in the Mexican Masked Singer series, following Mapache.
  • Apache appears in the clue package of Androide as one of the nominees in the "Most Connected Character" category of the first ¿Quién es la máscara? awards ceremony.
  • Kalimba was guessed as other masks on many occasions.
  • Just like Krokodil who both sang "Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of...)" in their respective version, all two were the winners of their seasons