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Ampiainen (translated as Wasp) is a masked celebrity on the first season of The Masked Singer. Ampiainen made it to the final week and placed over all third in the contest. She was revealed to be Erika Vikman.


Ampiainen's appearance is the generic look of a wasp With color scheme of Yellow and Black.


Week Song
1 "Believe" by Cher
3 "Levikset Repee" by Sini Sabotage
5 "Bang Bang" by Nancy Sinatra
7 "Euphoria" by Loreen
8 "Big Spender" by Shirley Bassey
9 "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton
10 "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga


Week Clue
1 "Dear diary, First of all a word warning: If a wasp stings you, stay calm. Relieve the pain with ice, or take an adrenaline shot. When it comes to me, I suggest the latter. HA HA HA! Welcome to my home hive, where I spend most of my time. After all I'm a wasp that does not buzz with the tummies in the field, but flies on their own direction instead. Where ever I am, My message goes like this: "Be that kind of Wasp you like to be". It's hard to predict what's gonna happen when you fly from the open window inside the house. And if somebody does not like you, just give a sting to their butt and fly away. HA HA HA!"
3 "So if somebody still thinks that my life is easy, I pull out my venom sting and prick you, HA HA HA! I've always known where am I aiming at and been working on with it determined. I've been looking for running starts my whole young life. I've been in many kind of things waiting my turn at the markets. I've seen effort to rise with my wings, and it isn't easy for a wasp with the fear of flying. HA HA HA"
5 "Dear diary, I have survived from yet another sticky yet sultry night. I had to have a moment to take a breath so I flew to my favorite location Las Vegas. Some people needs me time, I needed Vegas with all spices. It's my gateway every single year. One moment I could be the 60's Go-Go-Wasp and another moment I am "So seventies". On third one I could be, the BFF of Lady Gaga. Age and year are one care less when you do what you love the best. Live and learn, amirite? If you're anything else, HA HA HA!"
7 "Dear Diary, Ampiainen is back! I have to admit that this ain't easy contest for any of us. I am very empathetic wasp, It must be surprise. With some people, my actions has caused a totally anaphylactic shock in them. Who cares, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAA! Today's message is focused on the Pest Control: "Don't kill the wasp and move on the better place in your life" HA HA HA!"
8 "Dear Diary, My contest will never end. I've been achieving my dreams by singing the songs written by my power women. This week I've been taking care of my wasp body mainly... in bed. I't my favorite place, because the world is hard so the bed has to be soft. From there I have been scheming my new plans, so my life won't go waste. I always have destination, I mean you have to, because nobody is gonna come to your house to get you there. I've been reaching for the stars since my junior ages. Remember that this wasp has been raised by Madonna, hahahaha!"
9 "Dear Diary, Ampiainen is buzzing around very, very, happy, and for reason: I am not carrying a wide load on my shoulders so I can step on the stage starting fresh every time. Wonderful. I've been flying a long trip and I've been, very sensitive. So sensitive that even a phone calls have felt like a nightmare, not to mention the meetings. Nowadays I want to be watched and listened, then I know to be at my best. I wanna look gorgeous even if I am taking the trash out and I am not hiding this. I am crowned wasp after all. a healthy wasp is everybody's benefit: BZZZZZZZoinks. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!"
10 "Dear Diary, I wouldn't have ever believed when I fly away from my home hive that I would end up to this point. I even thought people would fear the wasp, but that didn't happened in the end. You'll get used to wasps: First they look at us long time like black sausage, then they swing and scream like we are the world's vainest creatures. And then without noticing it, the people will understand that we are dreamers, no matter if we are Autumn Stumped, sometimes drunk from berries, and always around our own stuff. The admiring comes as a final thing: I wish I could live brave and independent life like a wasp itself. And you can. This has also been very good guideline in my life, job and even on my private life. "Don't swing, stay calm". With this mantra I am fully ready for the final... (Surprise, no catchphrase!)"
Clue Answers
"Dear Diary" is how Erika Vikman starts his parts in "Iholla"(Connected) show's season 4.
"Reaching for the stars since my junior ages" refers to Vikman winning tango junior contest in 2008.
"So my life won't go waste" refers to Erika's first single "Ettei Elämä Mee Hukkaan".
"Crowned Wasp" refers to Erika Vikman's title of Tango Queen she won in 2016.

Season 3[]

Ampiainen returns in Season 3 episode 9 to make a cameo in special performance "Poista Maski" by Ile Uusivuori and the detectives.