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Alien is a masked celebrity on the first season of Masked Singer Suomi.


Alien wears a silver alien mask, crab-like gloves and a white hoodie. He also wears black pants with some markings.


Week Song Selection Result
2 "(Oi)* Beibi" by Raptori ELIM

Note: Words inside parenthesis means that the words were not displayed in the episode, but are part of the official title of the song.


Week Clue (Translated)
2 "Modesty makes most people beautiful, but not me. Many people thinks I come from Sirius, but in my absolute opinion, telling where are you from is way too restrictive. I came to visit planet Earth only because i am absolutely curious personality and wanted to see how things work here. Where-ever I go, it only takes a moment before the hassle happens. I am fearless, whenever I am in depths of the water, or at the top of the kingdom. I also have another side: I've also been Multimedia artist. In my most popular work I was dealing with love. It's no wonder I am ready to show for the earth folks with what kind of ultrasounds will come from the mouth of the Alien."


  • Due to a possible censorship with the name of "Oi Beibi" by Raptori, the song titles chosen by Alien and Dragon are jinxed, but at the same time these are two totally different songs.