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Águila (translated as Eagle) is a masked celebrity on the first season of ¿Quién es la máscara?.

It was later revealed that the celebrity underneath the mask was Laureano Brizuela.


Águila is dressed as an aviator. He wears a black leather helmet with goggles, a brown leather jacket with twenty patches, a golden dungarees, and black gloves. His wings measure four meters from feather to feather.


Week Song Selection Result
2 "I Will Always Love You" by Dolly Parton WIN
3 "La Camisa Negra" by Juanes ELIM


Week Clue (Translated)
2 "I am not a rebel by appearance, I am a rebel with a cause, my style may confuse you, but behind every feather is the first one that lifted my flock in flight. My cause is respect for rights, and beyond my fierce and ruthless appearance, I am a humanist of many sorts. I am ready to go out on stage, I just need to flap my wings and take flight. Now yes, let the show begin."
3 "Going on stage filled me with greatness. An investigator must be like an eagle, capable of analyzing even the smallest detail, so I will tell you more about me. It is a sad reality that eagles fly alone, I will always take care of the young that flew away from me, so with my free time I found inspiration in other eagles of my flock. And so as not to have to deal with human stupidity, I prepared myself to defend the truth and nothing but the truth. Only in this way could I understand that freedom lives on."
Clue Answers
In Águila's package he arrives on a motorcycle, referring to his career in rock.
He speaks of defending justice, for having been unjustly imprisoned.
He is a descendant of Oscar Wilde, that is why his books appear in the package.
The four broken eggshells in Águila's package represent his children.

Final Guesses[]

Week Adrián's Guess Carlos' Guess Consuelo's Guess Yuri's Guess
3 Julián Gil Javier Poza Latin Lover David Zepeda


  • The judges thought Laureano Brizuela was the Minotauro, but was Alex Ibarra.